Improve Operator Performance With PanelView™ 5000 Graphic Terminals

February 11, 2022

By Alain Spalard

Suppose you are currently using the latest version of studio 5000 for your applications and are looking to use the same environment for your HMI. In that case, Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley PanelView™ 5000 Graphic Terminals are just what you need. These terminals offer an intuitive, modern design that utilizes an enhanced Logix integration which uses the Studio 5000 View Designer™ software.

PanelView™ 5000 Graphic Terminals Family Introduction

Enhanced Logix Integration

Logix integration benefits OEM partners because it creates a more effortless experience when assembling an application. The PanelView 5000 lets users construct modern applications with high-speed HMI buttons for jogging applications, scalable vector graphics, and a pre-configured system banner that provides diagnostic information.

Improve Operator Performance

The PanelView 5000 maximizes the display area, enabling more space for application content. This feature helps increase operation efficiency and may allow a smaller terminal to address your application. A pre-configured system banner provides alarm roll-up and diagnostic indicators to help reduce design time and offer a consistent user experience. The navigation menu includes default user screens, alarms, settings, and diagnostics options. The PanelView 5000 also includes smart run-time error notifications that help identify and manage issues. Configurable screen update rate allows for 100, 250, or 500 msec rates for better visualization of high-speed operations or smoother animations.

For more information on how the PanelView 5000 and Studio 5000 View Designer can increase your company’s productivity across multiple dimensions, please see the Rockwell Automation website at:

PanelView 5000 Graphic Terminals | Allen-Bradley United States  

For an overview of the PanelView 5000 Terminal Product profile: 

PanelView 5000 Portfolio of Graphic Terminals Product Profile

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