How Hubbell Wiring Increases Efficiency in Facilities

October 15, 2021

As facilities continue to navigate new safety protocols, maintaining high efficiency is more challenging for companies across industries. Hubbell increases efficiency among factories while maintaining safety as the critical priority by introducing six innovative products to create a safe and productive work environment.

Decrease Downtime

Production facilities experience motor failures that require electricians to come in to troubleshoot and conduct repairs. Downtime can cost companies thousands of dollars. According to a study from ITIC, 98% of production facilities report that a single hour of downtime costs an excess of $100,000. To decrease downtime, Hubbell introduced the inSight Pin and Sleeve data monitoring smart device. Customers can predefine upper and lower limits around typical operating parameters. After installation, the system sends alerts via email or text message to the responsible individuals. Once notified, teams can take appropriate action to address the problem before motor failure.

Avoid Water Ingress

In food processing facilities, safety is of the utmost importance. Regular wash downs of equipment are required to ensure all process equipment remains clean and sanitary. Water ingress can cause issues with standard electrical connections. Hubbell has created a watertight product line that includes plugs and connectors. Their products are IP69K & UL type 4X rated, which means they can withstand high-intensity regular washdowns of facilities even when paired with Woodhead or other manufacturers. Hubbell’s plugs and connectors are a great way to avoid unnecessary debris build-up and increase efficiency by limiting the need to change connectors or plugs frequently.

Eliminate Trip Hazards

Exposed cords cause numerous problems within facilities. Cables, left unmanaged, will lead to trips, falls, electrical shock, lower safety ratings, employee dissatisfaction, and a decrease in productivity. Hubbell’s inReach Industrial Cord Reel Series is ideal for facilities with cord management issues. Hubbell’s cord reels come built out of high-quality corrosion-resistant cast aluminum that can withstand heavy impact. They come with an easy-to-install mounting bracket and work with 15 amp, 20 amp, and 30 amp products.

Combat Worker Fatigue

Cases of worker injury and fatigue exist in both heavy- and light-duty manufacturing. When accidents are frequent, workers feel unsafe in the workplace. Hubbell’s ToolAssistPro Ergo Balancers are a fantastic way to helping your employees lift products that weigh up to 308 lbs. These tool balancers are built with adjustable tensions and create configurable workstation support systems. They are designed for small spaces to fit any work environment.

Improve Installation Time

Depending on the project, installations require significant time to complete. The Twist-Lock Edge Series increases efficiency by decreasing installation times by up to 80%. The Twist-Lock Edge eliminates the need for torque drivers or wrenches for wiring. The product provides a consistent, reliable connection, and wires stay tight regardless of vibration, temperature cycling, or strand relaxation. Additionally, the lack of exposed metal is perfect for space-saving situations, allowing the installation of more devices in smaller spaces.

Promote Safe Installations

High cable volumes with large weight loads are difficult to manage in any situation. Hubbell wanted to create a safe and efficient installation environment which led to the creation of aluminum ladder tray systems. These ladders won’t rust, can carry significant amounts of weight, and come with connectors or brackets for adaptability.