48CR Code Reader: Small, High Performance, Easy-to-Use Ethernet/IP Solution

April 15, 2022

48CR Code Reader

by Jeremy Sherrell

The new Allen-Bradley® 48CR Code Reader from Rockwell Automation is the smallest industrial code reader on the market. The rugged 48CR decodes 1D/2D and Direct Part Marked (DPM) codes and solves the most challenging readings under any condition. The 48CR features the latest decoding algorithms technology and can successfully read damaged and incomplete symbols despite scenarios with poor prints, scratches, or various obstructions. The 48CR supports Ethernet/IP™ and can be configured through the Studio 5000 Logix Designer® Add-On Profile (AOP) or the embedded WebConnect visual browser.

The 48CR solves numerous difficult code reading challenges throughout various applications for automotive, packaging, material handling, assembly, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries.  Here are four examples highlighting how the 48CR performs:


  • DPM codes are a common method of conducting part tracking but can be difficult to read depending on the marked material. With the integrated LEDs, the 48CR can read those low-contrast codes without the need of any added external light source.

Printed Circuit Boards

  • In the case of PCBs, where small codes are common and vary on product runs, the 48CR can automatically reconfigure between line changeovers. The device also features a built-in indicator for confirmation of a positive read, so there is no added hardware or computer needed when there is a change in a product run.

Pharmaceutical Packaging

  • The 48CR can run match code routines in high-speed applications which makes is perfect for Track and Trace applications such as matching codes between a product and its box.

High-Speed Sorting

  • With a large window of interest, the 48CR can manage code location changes and read multiple code types without the need to be reconfigured.

With seven models, we are confident in having a solution that is right for you! For more information, please contact your Buckles-Smith representative.

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