Eaton Electrical Power Distribution Equipment

Eaton ensures safe, reliable electrical power distribution equipment, including Panelboards, Loadcenters, Safety Switches, Power Breakers, and Uninterruptable Power Supplies.

Eaton Electrical Products and Equipment

Eaton Low Voltage Power Distribution and Controls Systems

Low Voltage Power Distribution and Controls Systems

Panelboards, Switchboards, and Busway

Eaton Standard Distribution Equipment

Standard Distribution Equipment

Load Centers, Transformers, and Safety Switches

Eaton Power Breakers

Electrical Circuit Protection

Circuit Breakers, Transfer Switches, and Fuses

Eaton Molded Case Breakers

Molded Case Circuit Breakers

Circuit protection for low voltage distribution equipment, protecting conductors against overloads.
Molded Case Circuit Breakers

Eaton Powerware UPS

Powerware Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Powerware solutions deliver the highest customer value and satisfaction to Uninterruptible Power Supply users and industry experts. Powerware is ranked number one in the global Uninterruptible Power Supplies market above 5 kVA and number two at or under 5000 VA. Customers of all sizes worldwide trust Eaton Powerware products and services.

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Eaton Engineering Services

Eaton’s Electrical Services and Systems is one of the largest and most experienced teams of power and energy engineers in the industry, with industry-standard software, advanced modeling and analysis capabilities, professional engineers, certified energy managers (CEM), and accredited professionals in commissioning located around the globe. Their comprehensive portfolio of services helps keep your buildings and power systems efficient, reliable, safe, and up-to-date.

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