Atrius (Acuity Brands)

Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

Connecting Buildings, People, and Businesses with Location-Aware Services

The Atrius indoor location services data platform provides indoor location and navigation, wayfinding, asset tracking, occupant behavior data, and asset analytics using a connected lighting platform. Airports, industrial companies, and others rely on Atrius to improve operations and enhance employee and customer experiences inside facilities of all types. With Atrius, your building is a digitalized, strategic asset. Keep reading to learn how Atrius can unlock optimized operations and enhanced experiences for your business within your facilities.

Atrius Navigator

Indoor Positioning and Location-Based Platform Service

Atrius Navigator is a cloud-based software service that includes a Software Development Kit (SDK), administration, and visualization interfaces to deliver precise indoor positioning and wayfinding by leveraging the Atrius™-Ready Sensory Network and sensor fusion technologies on users’ mobile devices.

  • Enhance mobile applications with real-time location-based interactions.
  • The service includes Atrius Navigator Software Development Kit (SDK), Atrius Admin web-based tool, and Atrius LiveView real-time viewer.
  • Deepen spatial and behavioral analysis by displaying data from Atrius Navigator and Atrius Assets within Atrius Insights, a web-based spatial analytics dashboard.

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Atrius Assets

Asset Tracking and Management Software

Atrius™ Assets is a cloud-based software service that includes application programming interfaces (APIs), administration, and visualization interfaces, to deliver real-time indoor asset tracking and management by leveraging the Atrius™-Ready Sensory Network and Bluetooth® Low Energy technology communication.

  • Enhance business performance with Atrius Assets to provide the accurate location, pathing, and alert monitoring of items, equipment, and personnel, directly from a web browser or via integration with business applications.
  • Gain a thorough understanding of assets’ location and movement trends to optimize workflows, enhance on-demand and dispatch services, redesign space layouts, implement safety or theft prevention initiatives, and improve equipment utilization and maintenance.
  • Deepen spatial and behavioral analysis with the Atrius Assets Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Atrius Location View to visualize and analyze your data.
  • Optimize workflows, enhance on-demand and dispatch services, redesign space layouts, implement safety or theft prevention initiatives, improve equipment utilization and maintenance.

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Atrius Insights

Spatial Analytics Platform Service and Web Application

Atrius Insights platform service and web application transform indoor positioning and location-based data acquired from Atrius Navigator or third-party indoor positioning systems into spatial analytics, making complex relationships understandable and actionable for your business.

  • Leverage data from Atrius Navigator or third-party indoor positioning systems.
  • Transform real-time and historical data into map-based visualizations and heatmaps of associate locations and paths, illustrating changes over time and exactly where those changes occur.
  • Make complex relationships understandable with location-based metrics, including traffic paths, action zones, and adjacent outdoor perimeter.
  • Multi-site support to create, aggregate, and compare metrics across multi-site organizations. Each site is precisely geo-referenced by leveraging Map Service.
  • Designed for your operations to support specific business queries and gain key performance indicators by creating custom charts.
  • Custom development integration by leveraging Atrius Insights platform service API.

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Atrius LiveView

Real-Time, Web-Based Visualization Interface for Atrius Location-Based Services

Atrius LiveView is a real-time, web-based visualization interface that leverages Atrius Assets (asset tracking and management APIs) and Atrius Navigator (with an indoor positioning Software Development Kit (SDK)). Atrius LiveView provides visualization of positions, as well as analysis and metrics over the last 60 minutes of your site’s data.

  • Real-time visualization of the location of asset tags and mobile devices.
  • Graphical representation and map-based visualization of metrics to analyze:
    • Position, movement, and pathing
    • Asset utilization and trends
    • Asset status and health indicators (telemetry data)
    • Geo-fencing and zone indicators
  • View and acknowledge alerts and notifications generated from user-defined parameters (in Atrius Admin).
  • Web Application or APIs Access Atrius LiveView web-based application from any browser or leverage its APIs to integrate data into enterprise and third-party software.
  • Atrius LiveView accompanies the subscription of Atrius location-based software services, Atrius Navigator and Atrius Assets.

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Atrius Digital Sensory Network

Leverage Location and Building Data

Atrius-Ready luminaires, controls, sensors, and other devices are the products that make up your digital sensory network. Address energy efficiency and comfort requirements while seamlessly collecting and communicating data to enable Atrius Software Services.

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Atrius Software Services

Optimized Operations and Enhanced Experiences

The Atrius IoT platform transforms data readily available from your connected buildings, collected and communicated by the Atrius™-Ready Sensory Network into distributed cloud-based software services.

Atrius software services enable mobile and web-based applications and reveal thorough analytics, to drive optimized operations and enhanced customer experiences.

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