ABB Installation Products

Power Control and Distribution From ABB Installation

ABB Installation, formerly Thomas and Betts, is a designer and manufacturer of reliable, robust connectors and components for electrical and communication systems. Improve your electrical systems with ABB Installation.

Manage Distribution and Transmission of Electrical Power

ABB Installation designs and manufactures components that help you manage the distribution and transmission of electrical power in industrial, construction, and power generation utility applications.

ABB Installation can help you control the flow of your power and data from fittings and conduits to outlet boxes and connectors.

ABB conduit and fittingsConduit and Fittings

  • Liquidtight Fittings
  • Rigid Fittings
  • Cord and Cable Fittings
  • Nylon Flexible Conduit Systems
  • Metallic and Specialty Flexible Conduit Systems
  • Corrosion Resistant Conduit Systems
  • PVC Conduit and Fittings
  • Commercial Fittings
  • Commercial Rigid Fittings
  • Wire and Cable Management

Boxes and Covers

  • Metal Framing and Cable Tray
  • Fastening systems
  • Identification and Supplies
  • Power Connection and Control

Connectors and Grounding

  • Wire Termination
  • Power and High Voltage
  • Power Quality

ABB Installation Solutions for Every Industry

ABB Installation has a solution for various markets such as commercial and institutional facilities, food and beverage, water/wastewater, data centers, power generation, and many more.

Since every building has unique demands, we provide flexible designs and implementation of building solutions that can adapt to your specific needs. ABB Installation develops technology to control the distribution of electricity and craft the future of electrification. We can help you protect the flow of electricity throughout your facility’s infrastructure safely and reliably. Help us create the future of innovative and sustainable electrification.

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We want to provide electrical solutions to address sustainability, cost, quality, and safety across the food and beverage production cycle. Our selection of low voltage products fit the specific application criteria in food processing areas. This helps your operation assure quality and keep reliable electrical flow throughout your facility – from raw materials to shipment of finished goods.

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The medical industry is subjected to constant regulatory and market pressures to provide higher care standards at a diminishing cost. Your hospital must have a safe, reliable, and efficient source of electric power to achieve these goals. Patient rooms, MRI machines, and radiology equipment are all powered by electricity. You need to protect your investment by working with us to deliver innovative power solutions.

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We want to help you be at the forefront of data center technology. Using our century of combined industrial power and automation experience, we can help you face new challenges. Partner with us to allow your data center operations to scale and increase sustainability.

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ABB Installation Offers Lifecycle Solutions for Your Facility or Project:

  • Hydro Services
  • Roll-in Replacement Breakers
  • Critical Power Services
  • Direct Current Power Services
  • Emergency Services
  • Engineering Services
  • Mechanical Services
  • Motor Services
  • Power Delivery Services
  • Transformer Services
  • Direct Current Power and Electrical Distribution Training

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