How to Move a Rockwell Automation Software Activation – Part III

May 25, 2017

How to Move a Rockwell Automation Software Activation - Part III

Rehosting Rockwell Automation Software with no Internet Access on either of your Devices

Moving or Transferring, aka rehosting, a Rockwell Automation License from one computer to another can get tricky. In our rehosting blog series, we guide you through the different software activation reset processes based on your internet access. In this post we review how to rehost software when you have no internet access on either of your devices. If you have internet access on one device or just on the device to which you are transferring the software, go to these posts:

Rehost an activation when Internet access is not available:

To rehost your software without an internet connection, you will need to call Rockwell Automation Technical Support. But before you call, follow the below instructions to retrieve the information you will need to relay to the support representative.

Retrieving information before calling Rockwell Automation Technical Support:

  1. Click Advanced Rehost Activation Manually.
    Click AdvancedRehost Activation Manually
  2. Select the check boxes next to the activations to rehost.
  3. Click Complete Rehosting. A confirmation dialog box opens.
  4. Click Continue to remove the activation files from this computer, or click Cancel to end the process without removing the activations.
  5. Click Print to print the information you need for Rockwell Automation Technical Support.
  6. Call Rockwell Automation TechSupport Activation Group at 440-646-3434, Option 3 (direct dial code: 010). The representative will guide you through the steps to rehost your activation files.

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