Vendor-Managed Inventory

Vendor-Managed Inventory Solutions
in Northern California

With the Buckles Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) solution, you can leverage your relationship with us to outsource a significant portion of your supply chain management. This allows your company to focus on its core competencies while reducing acquisition and material handling costs with zero increase in the cost of goods. Our Vendor-Managed Inventory service removes the heavy responsibility of inventory management from you. We take full responsibility, lowering your costs and avoiding unexpected stock-outs. Similar to auto-fulfillment schedules, Vendor-Managed Inventory allows Buckles-Smith to restock your inventory when you need it.

Vendor-Managed Inventory helps customers improve their supply chain management by customizing a solution to meet customer-specific needs.

How Buckles Vendor-Managed Inventory Helps You

  • Streamlined Process – Streamlined production and procurement processes without disruption to your staff or production, while reducing overhead costs.
  • Save Time – Keep your operation focused on core competency, customer satisfaction, and productivity.
  • Professional Inventory Management – Ensure the appropriate inventory is available in the right quantities at the point of use to maintain production and meet critical timelines.
  • Cost Control – Offer best overall market price considering acquisition and transaction costs, carrying costs, freight and assembly.
  • Quality Control – Maintain high-quality product at the point of use and long term sustainability and product continuity.

On-Site Trailer and Mobile Warehouse Solutions

Space is often limited within an existing storeroom or job site. Expansion projects and planned shutdowns require you to have a managed inventory solution at your disposal. A Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) Trailer will make sure you have the right parts at the right time. An on-site trailer is similar to having direct access to a Buckles-Smith warehouse without ever leaving your production facility.

To read about our mobile warehouse offering, download our On-Site Trailer Service Overview.

Problems With Traditional Inventory Management

  • Distributor stock levels have poor visibility
  • Distributor cannot always fulfill your order
  • Inaccurate forecasting
  • Stuck with the inventory, even if it doesn't sell
  • Full responsibility for stock levels rests on you

Advantages of Vendor-Managed Inventory

  • Stabilized supply chain
  • Inventory management becomes a joint effort
  • Open communication with Buckles-Smith
  • Purchase stock in smaller quantities as needed
  • Buckles-Smith bears full responsibility for supply levels
  • Real-time replenishment of stock without the need for purchase orders
  • Avoid stock-outs
  • Strong business partnership creates fewer headaches

To learn more about the benefits and strategy behind Buckles Vendor-Managed Inventory, please contact your Buckles-Smith Account Manager.

National Supply Solutions

supplyFORCE is the only national Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) service provider that can help you manage multiple commodities while delivering the local expertise and fulfillment to meet the needs of your local plant.

As a member of the supplyFORCE National Accounts program, our valued customers have access to over 200 different distributors with 2,500+ stocking locations ranging in areas of expertise in Electrical, Industrial, Safety, Pipe, Valves and Fittings, and Power Transmission and Bearings. Buckles-Smith and Allied Electric complement their existing Supply Chain Services with the capabilities and resources to provide customers a solution from a national perspective.

For more detailed information, visit their website at or contact your local Buckles-Smith branch.

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