Enclosure Modification Center

Innovative Enclosure Modifications

Buckles-Smith’s ModCenter brings an innovative solution to custom panel builders in Northern California. With our state-of-the-art configuration capabilities, we can repeatedly make precise, high-quality holes and cutouts.

Decrease Lead Times

As the largest distributor of nVent Hoffman enclosures in the region, Buckles-Smith will be your source of quality enclosures and enclosure modifications, all in one provider.

Reduce Costs

Buckles-Smith’s Enclosure Modification Center eliminates manually intensive methods which traditionally come with a higher cost.

Guaranteed Quality

The Enclosure Modification Center provides automated modifications with professional repeated precision and the quality of an ISO 9001 facility.

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Enclosure Modifications Made Simple With Buckles-Smith

The nVent Hoffman ModCenter is a user-friendly, automated drilling, tapping, and milling tool, allowing you to create ready-to-populate panels and enclosures.

  • Increase productivity by 30-40%
  • Slash time and costs up to 75%
  • Unmatched quality

Manual drilling and cutting of holes can be tedious work. We can reduce the time you spend on your enclosures doing the work for you: we modify your enclosures quickly with repeated precision in our nVent Hoffman Certified Enclosure Modification Center.

Our Steinhauer ModCenter handles enclosures up to 93.7 inches tall by 86.6 inches wide and is the most versatile automated modification solution on the market.

How We Modify Enclosures up to 93 Inches

Buckles-Smith is a nVent Hoffman Certified ModCenter.

"Buckles-Smith was easy to work with; they are in-tune with what we want. They do the modifications and we get the project to the customer on time."

Jason Wells
Director Systems Engineering
Mission Controls Company

Why Use a Certified ModCenter?

A nVent Hoffman Certified ModCenter will save you from time wasted making holes and cutouts by hand. Get quick, locally modified enclosures from Buckles-Smith, a certified ModCenter. Fast turnaround, almost any material, and an extensive enclosure inventory.

Using a nVent Hoffman Certified ModCenter, you get access to:

  • Easy ordering by supplying existing design files
  • Clean, accurate holes and cutouts
  • Fast, local delivery

To learn more about the benefits and strategy behind Buckles-Smith's Enclosure Modification Center, please contact our ModCenter team or your Buckles-Smith representative.

Check out Buckles-Smith ModCenter in action

nVent Hoffman Enclosure Inventory

Enclosure Modifications Made Easy

Stop drilling, measuring, and cutting enclosures manually. Buckles-Smith has the most extensive inventory of nVent Hoffman Enclosures in Northern California. Meet your project deadline by ordering and modifying your enclosures with Buckles-Smith's Enclosure Modification Center. As a nVent Hoffman Certified Modification Center, send us your 2D CAD drawing and get ready-to-install enclosures in one to three days based on inventory.


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