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You work hard to get the job done for your customers, we want to work hard to put the best solutions into your hands.

  • Prefabrication, Electrical Panel Builds and Enclosure Modifications
  • Assembly Services; Sub-Assemblies, Custom Kitting and Engraving/Marking
  • Logistics, Supply Chain and Project Management


Position yourself strategically in your local marketplace. Win more jobs at a higher margin and reduce your installation time by using Buckles-Smith prefabricated electrical components. With streamlined installation, you can increase your project volume or undertake more complex projects.

Reach out to us when you are in a time-crunch or need a job done right. Simplify planning and installation by using our prefabricated assemblies.

We offer prefabricated assembly solutions to make your installation on the job site easier. Whether you need off-the-shelf products or made-to-order solutions, we are here to standardize your process further.

  • Simplify material management
  • Increase productivity from job-site labor
  • Lower material waste
  • Faster and efficient installation
Prefabrication services at Buckles-Smith

Electrical Panel Builds

We partner with Rockwell Automation to build electrical control panels to fit your needs and integrate custom solutions. Product selection and design are essential to making a successful electrical panel build. Get the right tools and expertise through our capable hands.

We support contractors with electrical panel build designs. Buckles-Smith confidently delivers a design to fit your project specifications. Drive down lead times, lower overall costs, and enhance product quality by getting started with us.

Give us a drawing, bill of material, or scope-of-work document to get started. We build panels based on your specific request and want to ensure accuracy. Our custom builds and solutions help you power through even the most complex projects.

Enclosure Modifications

We can help you get the enclosure modifications needed to get the job done. Let us save you time and money by automating the modification process and eliminating the middle man. Shorter lead times, lower overall costs, and repeatable quality are what you can expect from Buckles-Smith.

You shouldn't have to worry about measuring, tapping, milling, or double-checking your enclosed modification. Let us make the process easy for you through automation.

We work with all material types, including stainless steel. While many modification centers avoid stainless steel, we embrace it. We have perfected the process and want to provide you with excellent enclosure modifications. Our Steinhauer ModCenter handles enclosures up to 93.7 inches tall by 86.6 inches wide and is the most versatile automated modification solution on the market.


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    Enclosure Modification services at Buckles-Smith

    Logistics and Supply Chain for Electrical Contractors

    You have a lot on your plate. Let us help you get the right parts in the right place at the right time.

    Inventory, Counter Sales, and Will Call

    With access to our robust inventory, you will have what you need to meet your project demands.

    Job Site Delivery

    Place your order for in-stock materials by 3:00 pm, and we will deliver it to your job site by the next business day.

    24/7 Emergency Delivery

    For urgent after-hours needs, call us at 800-748-6917 for emergency delivery and 24/7 support.

    VMI Jobsite Trailers

    Whether your space is limited within your existing storeroom or you are looking for a managed inventory solution for a project, expansion, or planned shutdown, a Vendor Managed Inventory Trailer will ensure you have the right parts when you need them. Having an on-site trailer is like having direct access to a Buckles-Smith warehouse without ever having to leave your production facility.

    The VMI Trailer is a mobile warehouse parked at your plant. On a predefined schedule, Buckles-Smith Drivers come to your facility to process orders and replenish any item that is below an established minimum inventory level.

    Support for Electrical Contractors

    Inside Sales Support

    Your quote requests and order status updates will be delivered quickly and accurately by our team of 30+ inside sales representatives. With routine product and customer service training, our knowledgeable inside sales staff will provide product selection consultation and top-notch customer service.

    Project Management

    Whether you are looking for a lighting design solution or a specialist to help with a power project, we've got you covered.

    Lighting Projects Team

    Your project will finish on time and within budget with our Lighting Quotation Specialists supporting project takeoffs and job management.

    Lighting Design Team

    Partner with our Lighting Design Team to develop a Title 24 compliant solution that integrates lighting controls, LED fixtures, and LED lamps for your application.

    Power Projects Team

    The expertise of power specialists is at your fingertips. Work with our Power Specialists to ensure accurate product selection and smooth project execution.

    Electrical Contractor Team

    Partnership with Buckles-Smith unlocks access to competitive pricing, innovative products, and industry-leading solutions. Contact us to see how our Buckles-Smith Contractor Team can benefit you and your organization.

    Delivering Solutions for Electrical Contractors

    Through our services group, electrical contractors can access a robust offering of supply chain benefits, materials management, custom solutions, enclosure modifications, and prefabricated electrical components. Regular vendor training positions our staff to provide exceptional product selection consultation, and we firmly believe in top-notch customer service. Our project management teams cover lighting and design, power, and general electrical contractor projects.

    You need a strategic partner who understands construction project logistics, cost management, and on-time delivery. As an essential supplier, our services go well beyond a basic distribution model.

    Through your relationship with Buckles-Smith, you gain access to Prefabrication, Electrical Panel Builds, Enclosure Modification, Assembly Services, Logistics, Supply Chain, Project Management, and knowledgeable staff to strengthen your own success.

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