Hubbell Workplace Safety Solutions and Product Portfolio

March 8, 2022

Hubbell Workplace Safety Solutions and Product Portfolio

Companies pride themselves on providing employees a safe working environment where they feel secure and confident carrying out their daily tasks. Employee safety is a foundational pillar for companies to build upon and is critical in enhancing productivity, reducing costly downtime, and avoiding significant accident expenses.

However, potential safety hazards are not exclusive to only one type of workplace environment. They exist at hard-hat construction sites, factory warehouse floors, open office areas, and retail spaces. Companies must establish formal safety programs, including training, ongoing safety evaluations, and proper record documentation.  

Hubbell-Wiring is committed to safety

For years, Hubbell-Wiring Systems has focused on safety and is committed to helping companies maintain a safe working environment by sharing its extensive knowledge of codes and regulations that businesses must comply with to ensure safety and reduce risk. As a true industry leader, Hubbell holds numerous training courses and ShopTalk™ Seminars to provide the latest information on safety requirements, potential safety risks, and products and solutions. Their products also span many industries and markets and comply with the latest NEC to NEMA requirements and OSHA regulations.

For a first-hand look, visit Hubbell’s award-winning 360-degree interactive Safety eTour, which walks you through a modern industrial environment and illustrates how and where Hubbell safety solutions can be used to promote safe workspaces. 

Below is a snapshot of a few additional markets that Hubbell services:

Industrial Product Solutions

Hubbell’s power, data, voice, and multimedia devices are designed to endure harsh environments, prioritize safety, and operate at peak performance simultaneously. Their Industrial Space eTour showcases their quality, high-performance industrial solutions. Discover how they apply to your facility.

Food & Beverage

An investment in intelligent design plays a vital role in how Hubbell’s Food and Beverage solutions provide superior protection to include:

  • Hygienic product design to support best practices
  • Robust composition to withstand washdown to maintain safety conditions
  • Sturdy framework to protect personnel against electrical hazards

Learn the benefits of implementing these intelligent designs in your facility by taking their Food Processing eTour and browsing their brochure.


The complex needs of Pharmaceutical manufacturing require electrical devices that drive reliable performance in harsh conditions. A typical Pharmaceutical campus has many distinct and separate buildings that all present demanding environments for various manufacturing processes. 

From material handling to washdown areas, conditions often present the presence of corrosive chemicals, dust, humidity, and extreme temperature fluctuations. Hubbell’s quick guide and brochure give insight into their solutions designed with pharmaceutical applications in mind.

Our sales team is happy to answer any questions regarding the additional markets Hubbell services or any of their products and services. Please reach out today!

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