Industrial Training Services

Virtual Learning and Instructor-Led Training
for Rockwell Automation Technologies

As part of the Lifecycle Services suite, this set of offerings is focused on helping you assess, train, and empower your industrial workforce. The wide range of offerings includes self-paced, virtual, and instructor-led training. You gain access to the quality content required to close your skills gap. Whether you have one site or an enterprise with multiple locations, our services can be scaled to meet you on your training journey in a globally consistent manner.

Close the Industrial Skills Gap

Manufacturers are feeling pressure from an ever-growing industrial skills gap. Complex design, operation, and maintenance of technical systems is a massive challenge to the workforce. An entire generation of workers with these skillsets is retiring, leaving a gap in valuable industry knowledge. What is the skills gap? It’s a shortage of skilled, trained people. It’s the difference between what workers know how to do and what employers need.

How could it affect you and your company? 3.4 million manufacturing jobs are likely to be needed by 2025. But two million of those are expected to go unfilled, presenting a serious challenge. e-Learning and instructor-led courses are meant to help bridge this gap. Certificate programs and training workstations put resources into the hands and minds of workers ready to step up to the challenge. Build a new generation of skilled workers with our training options.

Build and Maintain the Right Workforce to Meet Demands of the Industry


  • Virtual Learning and Coaching
  • e-Learning courses
  • Instructor-led courses
  • Consulting Assessments


  • Technical remote support
  • On-site support with field engineers
  • Remote monitoring and managed services
  • Virtual assistance


  • Train highly-skilled veterans for automation roles in manufacturing
  • Augmented Reality work instructions
  • Embedded Engineers


The New Subscription-Based e-Learning and Virtual Classroom Training Options Offered by Rockwell Automation

Why Learning+?

  • Lower Training Costs: As a subscriber, you can access all e-learning content and participate in unlimited scheduled virtual classroom sessions with our annual subscriptions. Take more than twenty of our most popular courses for about the same price as a single five-day in-person training class.
  • Reduce Unplanned Downtime Risk: A well-trained workforce is the greatest asset for keeping production running. It has never been easier to access Rockwell Automation instructors and courses – upskill your team today.
  • Reduce Travel Expense: Rockwell Automation’s Learning+ is available anytime, anywhere. Learning+ provides the desired hybrid of self-paced study and interaction with our expert instructors to create the most powerful learning experience available.

e-Learning Courses

e-Learning courses are a flexible and ideal way to take self-paced, self-directed training at your own speed. e-Learning incorporates fundamental and product-specific subjects to directly deliver a top-notch online training system to your plant floor or wherever you need it.

Learning modules contain activities, software simulations, and demonstration videos to make learning intuitive and cement each central concept. Modules can be viewed on any PC or tablet using Chrome, Safari, IE, Edge, or Firefox browsers. All course content is narrated and comes with a viewable transcript.

Virtual Classroom Blended Courses

Modularized virtual lectures, lab experience demonstrations, simulations and demonstration videos, and available office hours for small group coaching to enhance learning concepts. Blends e-learning, video assets, student materials, instructor lecture, interactive labs, and collaborative Q&A, scheduled to run to allow you the freedom to participate in the learning experience on-demand. Our customers identified a hybrid approach as a desirable training type before Covid-19. We know you expect us to be as agile as you are; training should be accessible anytime, anywhere. Our instructors are a key value point in the training you purchase, and now you can have access to our instructors in the same environment you access e-learning.

Note that Blended Courses are broken up into consecutive days with 2-3 hours of learning per day in an effort to save your eyes and your sanity.

Instructor-Led Courses

In-Person Hands-on Learning to Increase Job-Related Skills

Open Enrollment

Open enrollment courses help you train your workers and employees on Rockwell Automation technologies. Each class is crafted to align with specific job responsibilities and prioritize appropriate job goals. Each course is available to all students and hosted at Rockwell Automation and Buckles-Smith locations.


Receipt of your payment for any of our onsite training courses is an acknowledgment that you agree and will adhere to the following:

  1. You must be fully vaccinated (received the second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or the single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine) at least two weeks prior to attending this class.
  2. Anyone indicating and/or showing signs of illness before the class begins or during the class at any time will be required to leave the class immediately. No Refund is available in this instance.

You will be required to read and sign a questionnaire verifying you have no illness and/or Covid symptoms at the beginning of each day of the course.


Buckles-Smith holds in-person training to teach Rockwell Automation capabilities. Each course is crafted to align with specific job responsibilities and prioritize appropriate job goals. Ask your local Buckles-Smith representative for an upcoming course schedule or request a class you would like to attend.

Buckles-Smith is a Rockwell Automation authorized distributor and hosts Rockwell Automation training.

Private on-Site

Having your employees train off-site can be expensive and disruptive to production. We can provide on-site training as an alternative to help save you time and money with custom class sizes, content tailored to your team's skill level, and personalized scheduling. Training can be held in a training center, at your facility, or on the plant floor.

    Programs and Coaching

    Virtual Coaching Sessions

    Virtual coaching gives you access to virtual training sessions and discussions on technology-specific scenarios with a Rockwell Automation specialist. Improve your expertise, or expand upon your e-learning experience by asking questions.

    Four-hour or eight-hour sessions are available for one-on-one coaching and/or virtual groups of up to six students. Expand knowledge on automation topics remotely. Topics include Logix, motion, drives, visualization, networks, and safety technologies. Begin your custom virtual coaching sessions by contacting your local Buckles-Smith or Allied Electric office.

    Global Certificate Programs

    Global certificate programs equip you with the technical skills and knowledge you need to improve plant systems quality, efficiency, and productivity.

    Stay ahead of the competition, build your technical knowledge and earn professional recognition using the certificate program. Earn credits in the Rockwell Automation formal program using the latest in automation control technology.

    Logix Program

    Drives Program

    Motion Program

    Training Workstations

    Workstations are hands-on, self-paced training for new employees, or simply a brush-up on practical maintenance, troubleshooting, and programming knowledge. Standard workstations are available, or you can customize a workstation to fit your needs. Drives, Human Machine Interface, input-output (I/O) systems, and motion control are some of the offerings for standard workstations.

    Select a Training Workstation

    Reference Material

    Standard guides and detailed written instructions are essential job aids. We provide standard guides and written instructions on the most common Rockwell Automation hardware and software-related job tasks, as well as custom guides crafted to work with plant-specific systems and applications.

    Find Job Aids

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    Services and Technical Support

    Buckles-Smith and Allied Electric have an extensive technical support staff ready to help you troubleshoot problems and brainstorm potential opportunities for your operation. Our team of experts will help you every step of the way, from the initial quote to final order placement.