Industrial Cybersecurity Services

Robust Cybersecurity Solutions
for Your Plant Operations

The connected nature of today's industrial operations presents an increased risk of security threats. Everything from bad-actor hackers to well-intentioned mistakes can shut down productivity, interrupt operations, and impact network availability. Trust Rockwell Automation to provide professional protection against these security threats. In combination with Buckles-Smith, they can help you secure your infrastructure, protect assets and maintain network availability.

Manage Threats With a Secure Industrial Control System

Complex enterprise networks require a comprehensive industrial security plan. Rockwell Automation can help you understand your risk profile and begin building a secure network control system to protect your industrial automation.

Your operation must address the internal and external security threats facing your industrial assets. A defense-in-depth security architecture assumes any one point of protection could be defeated. This method uses electronic, procedural, and physical layers of protection and enacts the right controls to mitigate risk types.

Manage possible security threats and build a secure industrial control system to fit your operation's needs. Rockwell Automation provides the technological capability and professional expertise to reduce your risk, address network security concerns and enable uptime in control systems.

Stratix 5950 Security Appliance

The Stratix® 5950 security appliance combines several enhanced security functions into a single appliance to protect your industrial automation infrastructure.

Check out this video to see it in action.

Develop a Forward-Thinking Approach to Cybersecurity

Rockwell Automation can help you boost your cybersecurity stance by protecting your assets. Their system provides information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) solutions throughout the entire event of an attack: before, during, and after.

Security assessments, vigilant monitoring of assets, threat detection, and response planning will help keep your infrastructure safe.

  • Identify critical assets and risks, and protect against potential threats before they happen
  • Detect threats in real-time ​
  • Have a plan​ for response and recovery ​should​ a threat be realized

Security Posture Survey

Industrial companies are prime targets for cybercrime because they are notorious for legacy unpatched infrastructure and lack of skills to manage cyber risk. In the last two years, ransomware attacks have caused $11.7 billion in damage, and 53% of industrial manufacturers have experienced a cybersecurity breach in their facility.

Rockwell Automation takes a proactive approach to industrial cybersecurity by planning for every aspect of the attack continuum.

  • Before: Help to identify and protect assets
  • During: Real-time detection and monitoring
  • After: Backup and recovery solutions

Your operation deserves proactive discovery of vulnerabilities, reduction of risk to your infrastructure, and identification of assets across your Industrial Control Systems (ICS) network.

The Security Posture Survey is the first step to building an active cybersecurity plan. The survey analyzes baseline network traffic, assesses your inventory, and runs abnormality detection. This allows the prioritizing of security risks on your Industrial Control Systems network.

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Services and Technical Support

Buckles-Smith and Allied Electric have an extensive technical support staff ready to help you troubleshoot problems and brainstorm potential opportunities for your operation. Our team of experts will help you every step of the way, from the initial quote to final order placement.