Field Services and Drive Startup

On-Site and Remote Engineering Support Tailored to Your Operation

Field Services

We have a network of field service professionals ready to work on Allen-Bradley products around the globe. These professionals have the engineering expertise to help you, whether you are working to modernize your operation or need an emergency call-out. We can help you boost production and improve uptime throughout the lifecycle of your equipment.

Custom Engineering Support Delivered on-Site or Remotely

Our worldwide network of factory-trained field service professionals is ready to deliver support on-site or remotely on an as-needed basis. Our engineering solutions will help you troubleshoot and resolve emergency downtime situations, critical operation failure, and other automation issues. These services are billed on a time-and-material basis.

Benefits include:

  • Peace-of-mind with 24/7 breakdown support
  • Start-up support, special projects, and peak workloads
  • Troubleshooting of production issues
  • Maintenance activity technical support
  • Pre-purchase callout services as a block-of-time - this flexible option allows you to use hours toward services as-needed.

Learn how we can support modernization projects:

Slash Unplanned Downtime With Professional Engineering Support

Your time is valuable. Let our factory-trained field service professionals create productivity improvements, while you spend your time on the core of your business.

Rockwell Automation professionals are trained in nuanced industry standards and the newest technology. Their capabilities enhance the skills of your existing staff and help you improve the operational efficiency of your production performance. On-site engineering support and maintenance services make the perfect addition to your operation.

Clients who have utilized our on-site embedded engineering services have reported a 50% to 95% reduction in downtime in just the first year. Customers who chose a comprehensive program have seen a 5% to 7% increase in production throughput.

Comprehensive plant-certified resources offer predictive, preventive, and reactive support services, depending on your operational needs.
Rockwell Automation can help you:

  • Improve productivity with audits, assessments, and action plans
  • Improve machine and production performance
  • Extend equipment life
  • Reduce planned and unplanned downtime and response time to equipment malfunctions
  • Improve machine operator skills and internal troubleshooting capabilities
  • Coordinate related services such as training, safety services, asset management programs, and more

Start-up Support Meets Your Production Demands

Get access to a smooth start-up process with your drive or drive system. Our field service professionals help you improve the operation of your equipment, reduce the risk of performance problems and avoid premature equipment failure. We ensure the required electrical, mechanical and environmental standards have been met. We also verify that appropriate measures have been put in place for correct equipment operation.

Start-up tasks include:

  • Precise physical inspection and verification of proper drive and motor installation practices before the application of power
  • Verification of external control wiring
  • Confirmation of drive cabling to motor, line feed, isolation transformer (if applicable)
  • Incoming line and drive output grounding checks
  • Voltage application, checkout, calibration, and testing of the drive as appropriate for the application
  • Adjustment of operation parameters, within drive and motor design limitations, to values as appropriate for the application
  • Operation of drive through speed range to verify proper performance
  • Loading of network parameters in the drive
  • Documentation of drive and motor nameplate information, application information, drive settings, and operating parameters

Drives started up by Rockwell Automation receive an Extended Parts Warranty: up to two years from start-up date, to a maximum of 30 months beyond manufacture date.

Drive Startup

Standalone, Packaged, and Motor Control Center Drive Start-up Support

We can deliver a smooth start-up experience for your drive or drive system. Our field service professionals can improve equipment operation and mitigate the risk of premature failures and performance issues.

Our standard process ensures each electrical, mechanical and environmental benchmark has been properly met.

  • Physical inspection and verification of drive and motor installation practices, before application of power
  • Appropriate adjustment of operation parameters within drive and motor design limitations
  • Operation of drive through speed range to verify proper performance
  • Programming network parameters in drive
  • Two-year extended warranty on parts (standalone drives only)

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Services and Technical Support

Buckles-Smith and Allied Electric have an extensive technical support staff ready to help you troubleshoot problems and brainstorm potential opportunities for your operation. Our team of experts will help you every step of the way, from the initial quote to final order placement.