Tesco Controls Presents Buckles-Smith with Vendor Recognition Award

February 10, 2014

Tesco Controls Presents Buckles-Smith with Vendor Recognition Award

Sacramento, CA – February 10th, 2014 – Last month Tesco Controls recognized Kevin Devlin, Buckles-Smith Electric’s Operations Manager, for his role in Buckles-Smith’s Supply Chain Solutions Bin Replenishment Program.  The award stated, “In recognition of Kevin Devlin – for all your hard work and dedication in helping to make us more efficient.” 

Kevin and his team support Tesco Controls on a daily basis, ensuring Tesco has the components needed to build and deliver quality products to meet their customers’ demanding deadlines.  Since the launch of Buckles-Smith’s bin replenishment program in 2011, Tesco Control’s production floor has realized improved productivity and decreased down time.  Additionally, Tesco’s purchase order transactions decreased by 38%, while physical inventory space has decreased by 70%.  Lynn Masterson, Tesco Controls’ Vice President of Operations, relayed the benefit of the program when he stated, “[Buckles-Smith’s bin replenishment program] is the best solution we have seen for our workflow.  There doesn’t seem to be the struggle of ordering parts, and then not being able to get the parts in time.  Our jobs are not being held up for fusses, terminal blocks or other simple components.  We see the flow of work being able to go through the process and out the door– which ultimately makes us all money.”

Buckles-Smith Supply Chain Solutions group is recognized as a key differentiator to customers throughout Northern California.  

Founded in San Jose in 1939, Buckles-Smith is the largest independent electrical supplier in Northern California.  Buckles-Smith provides its customers with broad local inventory, next day delivery/same day pick-up, technical support, training seminars, inventory management and ecommerce services.