Essential to Industry Buckles-Smith Serves a Changing Market

May 26, 2020

Essential to Industry Buckles-Smith Serves a Changing Market

Despite challenging times and uncertainty due to COVID-19, Buckles-Smith remains open and operational as an essential to industry business.

               Adapting to market needs, Buckles-Smith is working with Brady to provide safety signage for businesses. The signage is aimed at promoting the following of required health guidelines to protect people from COVID-19. Additionally, Buckles-Smith has added new products to stock including hand sanitizer and no-contact thermometers, functioning as a strong partner that delivers relevant and high-quality products.

               The purchasing team is tirelessly sourcing critical items for our inside sales team which is adjusting to meet our customers’ new needs. As demand is changing, Buckles-Smith is reacting by recognizing alternative needs and serving them.

               Furthermore, in conjunction with key partners, Buckles-Smith is continuing to provide virtual events and trainings. While shelter-in-place and quarantine orders are in effect, the movement for innovation is not cancelled. Even among uncertainty, Buckles-Smith is committed to the expansion of knowledge in the industry.

               Lastly, the assemblies team maintains its position as our key differentiator, providing value-added services to customers. With health screening stations, Buckles-Smith ensures that products will be safely available for customers while limiting the risk of exposure to COVID-19. With this opportunity to service the market, Buckles-Smith is the stronghold in this essential industry, connecting with its customers and cautiously meeting their needs.