Buckles-Smith’s Enclosure ModCenter Solution for Mission Controls Company

April 4, 2016

Buckles-Smith's Enclosure ModCenter Solution for Mission Controls Company

San Jose, CA – April 4th, 2016 – Manufacturing and designing industrial control systems has been the focus of Mission Controls Company for the last 40 years. They complete work for a variety of industries, including Food Processing, Semiconductor, Biotech, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, Water/Wastewater and Utility industries.

Previously performing enclosure modifications in-house, Mission Controls has been very successful, but some projects demand more. Customers requiring several control panels in a short amount of time require Mission Controls to endure the long, labor-intensive process of making all the cuts themselves before installing control components.

Rather than wasting manpower on physically modifying a large number of enclosures, Mission Controls partnered with their supplier Buckles-Smith Electric.

Buckles-Smith has been supplying Mission Controls with enclosures for years. Just recently, Buckles-Smith acquired an enclosure machining tool called the Enclosure Modification Center (ModCenter). With time-savings and increased flexibility, the ModCenter automates the process of drilling, tapping, and milling enclosures—all while providing quality work.

Due to the long-standing relationship between Mission Controls and Buckles-Smith, the transition from just ordering enclosures to having them modified was easy. “Buckles-Smith was easy to work with,” said Jason Wells, Mission Controls Lead Engineer. “They are in-tune with what we want. We order the parts through them, they do the modifications and we get the project to our customer on time.”

Jason Wells continues, “Their team is familiar with controls and automation; not just push buttons, but with HMIs and PLCs. They are able to take our drawings and translate them into an actual modification. Buckles-Smith allows us to focus on the design of the control systems, and we let Buckles-Smith handle the material. When we need a lot of enclosures modified and we need them done quickly, Buckles-Smith has been fast and reliable to work with.”

When it comes to modifying enclosures, Buckles-Smith provides a quality solution.

Mission Controls Company professionally engineers and manufactures industrial controls for automation systems.  They provide innovative solutions to complex control problems. 
Founded in San Jose in 1939, Buckles-Smith is the largest independent electrical supplier in Northern California.  Buckles-Smith provides its customers with broad local inventory, next day delivery/same day pick-up, technical support, training seminars, and inventory management. 

Don’t waste time making holes and cutouts manually – let Buckles-Smith Electric deliver your enclosures and back panels ready to populate. By utilizing our extensive local market inventory, you can enjoy pre-modified enclosures and back panels in as little as one day. Eliminate manual holes and cutouts so you can focus on integrating and delivering control solutions to your customers.