Buckles-Smith Electric’s New Headquarters Features Lighting, Power and Wiring Product Installations

December 1, 2016

Buckles-Smith Electric’s New Headquarters Features Lighting, Power and Wiring Product Installations

Santa Clara, CA – December 1st, 2016 – Just months ago, Buckles-Smith Electric moved its headquarters from San Jose, California, to Santa Clara in order to modernize and expand its premises. The new headquarters is a 100% LED facility, keeping it in compliance with Title 24, and it features the products of multiple vendor partners, such as Cooper Lighting by Eaton, Panduit and Hubbell. The ceilings of the new headquarters are non-enclosed, allowing many of the featured products to be seen on a daily basis, particularly by customers who visit the Buckles-Smith store.

The featured products have been placed all throughout the new headquarters, including in the lobby, the main office area, training areas and more. In addition to elegant LED fixtures meant for large rooms provided by Cooper Lighting, Buckles-Smith has implemented high-tech USB receptacles for easy charging of electronics and controlled receptacles that turn off at night, allowing the company to work towards saving energy. Furthermore, the server room features products by Eaton and Panduit, including uninterruptible power supplies that are useful in case of emergency and accessories that keep the technology cool to allow proper functioning.

Buckles-Smith’s implementation of these products not only benefits the company in terms of saving money and energy, but it also allows customers to see the quality of the products in use before sale.

Founded in San Jose in 1939, Buckles-Smith is the leading industrial electrical wholesaler in Northern California.  Buckles-Smith provides its customers with broad local inventory, next day delivery/same day pick-up, technical support, training seminars, and inventory management.

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