Buckles-Smith Electric Recruits at Local San Francisco Bay Area Universities

April 13, 2017

Buckles-Smith Electric Recruits at Local San Francisco Bay Area Universities header

Santa Clara, CA – April 13th, 2017 – This past week Buckles-Smith Electric has gone out to actively recruit college students from the San Francisco Bay Area universities San Jose State University and Santa Clara University. In an effort to expand the Buckles-Smith family, the company has been recruiting individuals for the Sales, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, IT and Operations departments.

Buckles-Smith has built positive relationships with these two universities in order to even out the playing field in this tough competition of college recruitment by bringing the company name directly to campus. Being located in the technology hub known as Silicon Valley and being surrounded by companies such as Google, Facebook and LinkedIn, Buckles-Smith is “hiring against some of the top employers in the world,” notes director of HR Michele Sauvadon. Additionally, the company has implemented a 10-week internship program for students with a focus on engagement in order to attract potential employees and combat the competition.

Buckles-Smith put together a team for the recruiting events, which includes employees that are recent college graduates for recruiting purposes, marketing employees for promotion and HR employees for the hiring processes.

Founded in San Jose in 1939, Buckles-Smith is the leading industrial electrical wholesaler in Northern California.  Buckles-Smith provides its customers with broad local inventory, next day delivery/same day pick-up, technical support, training seminars, and inventory management.

For more information on San Jose State University and Santa Clara University, please visit their websites: