Buckles-Smith Demonstrates the Advantage of a Local, Independent Supplier

November 1, 2012

Buckles-Smith Demonstrates the Advantage of a Local, Independent Supplier

San Jose, CA – November 1st, 2012 – In the middle of a production outage, a Northern California processing plant focused on quickly and efficiently restoring operation to its processing unit.  For replacing the electrical power and control equipment, the plant’s Capital Projects group explored options for the latest technologies in safety, motor control and communication. 

The processing plant’s requirements were demanding.  Not only did they insist on the most modern technology available, but they needed it quickly.  Their preferred electrical equipment manufacturer easily built and delivered a low voltage motor control center equipped with the best communication and motor control technologies available.  Additionally, the processing plant required custom safety modifications and equipment inspections.  For these custom services, they turned to electrical supplier Buckles-Smith Electric.

Headquartered in San Jose, California, Buckles-Smith made obvious the advantage of working with a local, independent supplier.  Buckles-Smith demonstrated the agility and responsiveness necessary to circumvent a potential bottleneck in the rebuilding of the plant’s processing unit.   

First, Buckles-Smith Project Manager, Chris Mahler, worked closely with the customer throughout the quotation process to ensure the equipment met all specification requirements.  During this evaluation, the customer conveyed its need of various custom modifications, such as blind side covers, finger safe mechanisms and a custom communication conversion switch.  Ordering these custom modifications from a large manufacturer would have pushed the lead time out several weeks.  Instead, Mahler employed the assistance of Kevin Slattery, Engineering Manager for Buckles-Smith’s Assemblies Group.  Slattery ordered parts, modified equipment and provided necessary paperwork to meet the unique requirements.  Under Mahler’s direction, the needs assessment, proposal creation and order placement were completed in less than seven business days.  Sequentially, the equipment manufacturer built the equipment in one week.  This quick turnaround remained within the customer’s tight timeline.

Buckles-Smith’s final contribution as a local supplier occurred when its San Jose headquarters served as the equipment safety inspection site for the customer, the manufacturer and Buckles-Smith itself.  Buckles-Smith agreed to freight on board shipping terms, taking physical and legal ownership of the equipment after it shipped from the factory, but before it arrived at the customer site.  “Conducting equipment inspections at the Buckles-Smith site was critical.  Once a unit is installed it is extremely expensive to make changes in the field.  Working with the manufacturer’s short lead time and Buckles-Smith’s ability to make on-the-spot changes reduced our risk and ensured efficiency of the project”, commented the lead Project Engineer with the customer’s Capital Projects Group.

Upon final modifications and the customer’s inspection approvals, Buckles-Smith loaded the equipment on its delivery truck and drove it to the installation site the following morning.  With the delivery of the MCC, the customer immediately started the wiring of major devices, replacing intermediary wiring and executing onsite equipment tests.  Working with Buckles-Smith’s Assemblies Group, the customer reduced its project lead time by several weeks, ultimately recuperating millions of dollars for each day their facility operated at full capacity. 

Founded in San Jose in 1939, Buckles-Smith is the largest independent electrical supplier in Northern California.  Buckles-Smith provides its customers with broad local inventory, next day delivery/same day pick-up, technical support, training seminars, inventory management and ecommerce services.