Buckles Provides Safety Solutions in Salinas

May 31, 2018

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Buckles-Smith Attends Ammonia Safety Day

Buckles-Smith representatives generously contributed to and participated in the annual Salinas Valley Ammonia Safety Day (SVASD) event this year. The conference was developed as an educational solution to the increasingly potent dangers of chemical emergencies. The goal of SVASD is to make participants aware of Ammonia hazards, and prepare them to take the appropriate actions if an emergency occurs. Supporters of the event are then encouraged to spread their newfound knowledge to employers and colleagues alike. The sharing of knowledge across relevant industries on Ammonia hazards creates a common belief. This common awareness deepens relationships between parties who are involved in the creation of a safe work environment. Therefore industries like fire, regulatory, utility, and contractor teams are asked to attend every year. 

Buckles-Smith representatives Robert Werkman and Dan Rodgers tabled the event. Robert and Dan were demonstrating products while networking with potential clients. In addition, SVASD sponsored lectures, demonstrations, and social occasions happen throughout the day. Whether talking to Dan and Robert or attending SVASD sponsored events; the goal of the day was to inform and educate. Buckles-Smith is committed to the SVASD mission to educate and prepare clients who handle dangerous chemicals and materials.