Allied Electric Receives the First-Ever Perfect Loyalty Score of any Rockwell Distributor

June 11, 2020

Allied Electric Receives the First-Ever Perfect Loyalty Score of any Rockwell Distributor

Every year, Rockwell requires distributors to send its Loyalty Survey to customers to evaluate service processes and illuminate areas for growth and improvement. Similar to a report card, the survey contains comments and scores. In charge of Buckles-Smith’s collected responses, Dale Huber explains the outcome of the results: “We recognize the individuals and teams that did well, and we create action plans for the areas that need improvement. Buckles-Smith Management then meets with Rockwell Management to share and work on the proposed action plans together.”

This year, for the first time in Rockwell history, Allied Electric received the highest score in the nation and the first-ever perfect loyalty score of any Rockwell distributor. Previously scoring in the top three in the country for this loyalty score, Mark Saldivar and his team took the feedback to heart and persisted in attaining what the loyalty score qualifies as perfect.

Allied prioritizes their team mentality and embodies the idea that they are only as good as those with whom they surround themselves. For many years, Allied instilled the value of high-quality service into its employees. They have sourced for customers to establish themselves as a supplier and secured product lines to become a distributor. Utilizing a service-oriented approach, Allied is keen to understand customer expectations and quick to rectify any mistakes. Mark Saldivar notes that the demand comes from the customers – they expect quality service, especially in the case of high-level products. Mainly, the Allied team markets the industry, always pushing to be ahead of the game. Whether it is responsiveness, thorough follow-ups, or being proactive on orders, Allied is continuously striving to be the best they can be.

With the help of Buckles-Smith, Allied’s resources grew significantly. Along with advanced means of staying efficient, Mark Saldivar describes how despite the acquisition, “Buckles has allowed Allied to continue doing what we’re familiar with – letting Fresno be Fresno and allowing us to maintain high service levels.”

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