Selection Made Easy

April 18, 2023

Selection Made Easy

Buck-Boost Transformer

Selecting the right buck-boost transformer for your specific job can be a bit tricky. That’s why I love the HPS Tool Box created by Hammond Power Solutions. When you provide a couple of key buck-boost transformer data fields (Number of Phases, kVA or Amps, Line and Load Voltage), the HPS Tool Box selects the best buck-boost transformer for your application.

Let’s look at an example:

Application Problem: Which buck-boost transformer do I need for my pumping application?

For your project the utility supplies 208V single phase power, but your pump motor is rated for 230V with full-load amps of 17.8A. This application requires a buck-boost transformer, but what size and model number do you need?


  1. Open up the HPS Tool Box website and click Buck-Boost Selector.
  2. Enter the key information for your Buck-Boost transformer application. See screen shot below.
    • Click Single Phase
    • Enter Measured Supply Voltage
    • Select Desired Load Voltage (select a value equal or greater than your required load voltage
    • Enter your desired Load kVA
    • Click the “Proceed to Results Page” on the bottom right
Buck-Boost Selector Screen Shot
Buck-Boost Selector Screen Shot

After clicking the results button, you will be provided a Hammond Buck-Boost transformer model number, a wiring diagram and the number of buck-boost transformers required to achieve the desired output voltage. You can also save as a PDF if you need a hard copy for your project file.

Buck-Boost Transformer Model Number and Wiring Diagram
Buck-Boost Transformer Model Number and Wiring Diagram

I hope you find this tool as helpful as I do.

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