Selection Made Easy – Part III

June 15, 2023

Selection Made Easy - Part III

Transformer Upgrades and Replacements – Think Energy Savings!

When it comes to upgrading and replacing existing transformers at your facility, there is no lack of product offering on the market. By upgrading your transformer to a TP1-1 Compliant or NEMA Premium Efficiency transformer, you can considerably reduce your energy costs. Additionally, if you save your company money while simultaneously minimizing your company’s impact on the environment, you’ll be the company’s in house rock star.The HPS Tool Box Energy Savings Calculator makes your product selection decisions easier and better. Since the Energy Savings Calculator is easy to use, the following information is all you will need: Facility Application Profile (Commercial or Industrial), kVA of existing transformer and your current utility rate. With this information, the Energy Savings Calculator will provide you detailed information on both TP1-1 and NEMA Premium Efficiency transformers that fit your application. You select the transformer that works best for you.

Let’s look at an example:

Application Problem: Which energy efficient transformers can I use to replace my existing transformer?

At your facility, a food packaging plant, you have an old 75kVA transformer that you are considering replacing with an energy efficient transformer. Your facility is categorized as a light industrial user and with your local utility, Pacific Gas & Electric, you have an established an average Summer A1 rate of $0.20kWh.


  1. Open up the HPS Tool Box website and click Energy Savings Calculator.
  2. Enter the key information for your application. See screen shot below.
    • Click Type of Customer Application – Industrial 1 (e.g. Light Industrial).
Facility Application Profile
Facility Application Profile
  • Enter 75 kVA for your existing transformer.
kVA of Existing Transformer
kVA of Existing Transformer
  • Enter 0.20 for your energy costs per kWh.
Current Utility Rate
Current Utility Rate
  • Click Calculate.

You will see pop-up window with results listing all transformers that are applicable for the profile you have specified. The first transformer listed, HPS Sentinel TP-1 compliant transformer, will result in $1,771.14 in annual energy savings compared to their existing non-DOE compliant transformer.

Applicable Transformers Result List

I hope you find this tutorial helpful. If you have any questions regarding the HPS Tool Box or about the example, please leave a comment below!

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