Selection Made Easy – Part II

May 30, 2023

Selection Made Easy - Part II

Dry-Type Transformer Calculation

The HPS Tool Box created by Hammond Power Solutions includes a simple and easy to use online calculator that quickly calculates the size of the dry-type transformer needed for your application. All you need is the basic load data: Number of Phases, kVA, Volts or Amps. Once you specify two of the three power supply requirements, the current calculator will calculate the missing value.

Let’s look at an example:

Application Problem: What size dry-type transformer do I need for my application?

Just yesterday a new piece of equipment arrived on the plant floor and you are creating a bill of materials needed for the equipment installation. For this new piece of equipment, the manufacturer instructions state a 208V 3-Phase 125A supply is required. What size dry-type transformer will you specify?


  1. Open up the HPS Tool Box website and click Current Calculator.
  2. Enter the key information for your application. See screen shot below.
    • Click Three Phase
    • Leave kVA field empty, as this is the value you want to calculate
    • Enter 208 Volts
    • Enter 125 Amps
    • Click Calculate

After clicking the calculate button, you will you will see in red the minimum recommended transformer kVA.

Dry-Type Transformer Current Calculator
Dry-Type Transformer Current Calculator

We hope you find this tutorial helpful. If you have any questions regarding the HPS Tool Box or about the example, please leave a comment below!

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