The Swiss Army Knife of Gateways

February 10, 2020

Swiss Army Knife of Gateways

Spectrum Controls recently released the Universal Industrial Gateway allowing users to integrate devices seamlessly without additional PLC programming. With nine protocols and five ports included in one component, this is the swiss army knife of industrial gateways.

Industrial Universal Gateway
Universal Industrial Gateway

Here are the five ways the Universal Industrial Gateway will make your plant integration faster and easier:

  1. Multiple Ethernet Protocols – Simultaneously supports numerous protocols, not just on-to-one communication.
  2. Four Isolated Serial Ports – Each port can be configured to work with any of the available protocols.
  3. Flexible Communication – Transfer data to and from any port, in any combination.
  4. Simple Configuration – The configurator is browser based, so there is no additional software needed for set up.
  5. Fast Set Up – No edits to your programming. You wont need to change your I/O tree or ladder logic.

Whatever changes you are making to the plant floor, the Universal Industrial Gateway is the cost effective and flexible solution to get the job done.

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