August 2, 2019

Shorten Electrical Panel Test Times

Grace Technologies: Case Study

Today I want to share with you a case study from Grace Technologies on its Voltage Test Station (VTS) where it saved a city from requiring multiple personnel to test and reset 200 wastewater lift stations.

During a partial power outage, 200 wastewater stations were without power, the city needed to determine if they required the utility company to come out or if the stations could be reset by city technicians. The only problem? The stations required both a technician and an electrician in order to open the station, test for voltage and then reset the station, a time-consuming process. Enter Grace Technologies.

Grace and the local distributor visited the facility and suggested using their Voltage Test Station (VTS), a combination of their Safe-Test Pointâ„¢ Voltage Portal and R-3W voltage indicator housed within a protective case. They also proposed shipping the VTS units installed in its own enclosure. Allowing the wastewater facility to install the VTS on the wall next to the switchgear or motor control centers, without needing to modify the face or side of the existing equipment. This meant that the VTS units could be installed quickly.

Now with the VTS units, only one person was needed to test and reset a lift station. Shortening the time taken to reset the stations from 45 minutes down to a mere 5 minutes; man-hours saved quickly added up to cost savings. Additionally, the hazard of voltage exposure was resolved, minimizing risk to personnel by providing safer access.

Overall, the VTS provided information on the presence or absence of power without needing to open the cabinet, making a safer work environment, and helped alleviate a complicated testing and verification process. The success of the product led to the installation of a VTS unit on all lift stations in the wastewater facility.

From now until September 30th, 2020, Grace Technologies is offering a free VTS product sample for qualified applications.

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