Hubbell’s Twist-Lock Edge Series – Featuring The Industry’s Fastest Termination Time

March 10, 2022

Hubbell Twist-Lock Edge

Hubbell has made an industry record with its Twist-Lock Edge Series. Nominated in 2020 for NECA’s Show Stopper, these innovative receptacles with screwless terminations are the fastest termination devices on the market.

Twist-Lock Edge Series Features and Benefits

The Twist-Lock Edge Series, modeled in leverage points, eliminates the need for torque drivers or wrenches for wiring. Easing concerns of potential long-term wrist strains and carpel tunnel to technicians. The product provides a consistent, reliable connection, and wires stay tight regardless of vibration, temperature cycling, or strand relaxation. Once the wires are installed, they are locked in until a technician removes them. Additionally, the lack of exposed metal is perfect for space-saving situations, allowing the installation of more devices in smaller spaces. A strong steel termination spring continues to apply pressure as strands relax. Other features include a funneled wire entry, nylon termination plungers, and a NEMA front end.

The Fastest Termination Time in the Industry

Twist-Lock Edge Series Installation
Twist-Lock Edge Series Installation Process

The Twist-Lock Edge Series increases efficiency by decreasing termination times by up to 80%. The time study analysis conducted by Hubbell showed it only takes an operator 11 seconds per device compared to the traditional industry average of 68 seconds. Customers who have been using Hubbell’s quick termination receptacles have been able to redeploy “termination employees” to more productive and value-added assembly tasks. The maintenance-free termination device is immune to wire relaxations, vibrations, and temperature fluctuations. Permanent termination is simple with a simple push-click-confirmed method. If you ever need to, termination can easily open or reset.

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Twist-Lock Edge Series Product Information

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