Counter Machine Vibration & Improve Weight Readings in Industrial Application

March 30, 2017

Counter Machine Vibration & Improve Weight Readings in Industrial Application

Eliminate the effects of machine vibration on your weight scale readings

Motors, mixers, conveyors, forklifts and other machinery operating near or around your scales can interfere with an accurate weight reading. With each machine, unique vibratory forces corrupt the weight signal, causing fluctuations on weight displays and inaccurate batch weights, slowing down your operation, creating downtime, and ultimately costing you money.

With Hardy’s WAVERSAVER®, eliminate the effects of surrounding machinery vibration, and get true data for a quick, accurate weight reading. Increasing weighing accuracy and efficiency, you can focus on your process and reduce the cost to run your system.

Hardy’s exclusive WAVERSAVER® technology:

  • Ignores unwanted vibration on and around your scales
  • Enables accurate weight readings
  • Enables other process activity while you weigh
  • Improves batch quality and speed
  • Eliminates wasted product
  • Eliminates the need to reset the instrument if vibration levels change periodically

WAVERSAVER allows you to take weight measurements on line conveyors, augers, and mixers while they are running, maximizing efficiency, saving you time and money.  Also, the technology is easy to use – no filters, no math, just select one of five frequency levels.

Here’s a video demonstrating the WAVERSAVER in action:

To further discuss your application or request a pricing and lead time for a WAVERSAVER, contact the Buckles-Smith Tech Team today.

For more information on how Hardy Instruments technology can apply to your unique case, here are some of Hardy’s case studies, used in a variety of industries such as: Food & BeverageWater Treatment Facilities, and many more.

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