Common Network Physical Infrastructure

April 5, 2023

Common Network Physical Infrastructure

Glossary of Common Network Physical Infrastructure Terms

At first glance, the Panduit Unified Physical Infrastructure Systems catalog appears to be written in an unfamiliar language. To help you get started, I have compiled some common, but important, terms for you to remember when dealing with Network Physical Infrastructure. Full line PDF product downloads.

These terms will help you find corresponding products in the Panduit Unified Physical Infrastructure Systems catalog (SA-NCCB51) and NetKey Cabling System catalog (NKLC15-SA-ENG).

The below page references are to the current edition of the SA-NCCB51 Catalog.

  1. The following generic terms are used to describe typical products and can be used to help you identify in which section of the two catalogs the products reside.
    • Category applies to copper cables
    • Mode applies to Fiber Optic cables
    • Plates mount jacks on outlet boxes or modular furniture
      • Different Modular Furniture plates aren’t interchangeable
      • Some customers may prefer angled plates
    • Patch Panels allow for terminating the other end of cable in a central location (computer or equipment room) or in a control or zone cabinet where plates are not appropriate
    • All components in a system should match (all same Category for copper all same Mode for fiber)
  2. Examples of the positioning and performance expectations of “Categories and Modes” of copper and fiber connectivity products are broken down into groups.
    • Cat5 vs Cat6 or Cat6A for Copper and MultiMode vs Single Mode for fiber cable and components.
    • Armored vs Jacketed constructions
    • Flammability and voltage ratings on Jackets
      • There may be a need for 600v jacket on copper cables in control cabinets
      • This isn’t important for fiber without conductive elements, such as metal armored cable
      • Attention must be made to CMRiser, and Plenum flammability ratings on jackets in office and plant spaces inside of buildings
    • Mechanical Protection and constructions may include
      • Amored for copper or fiber cable subject to physical abuse
      • All Dielectric constructions of fiber may be rated for crush and impact resistance
      • Filled (Water Blocked) constructions are available for Outside of buildings
  3. Cable management products Pages L59-L82
    • Wire Managers and Cable Managers (similar to Panduct) used to keep bundles of cables organized and neatly routed
      • These are available for Vertical or Horizontal mounting
      • They are generally used in Racks and Cabinets
  4. Cable Pathways can mean conduit, cable tray, surface raceway, hooks, and rings
    • J Hooks” Pages L92-L97 are used to hang cables from overhead structures
    • Waterfalls” Pages L98-L99 limit bend radius (keep from kinking cable)
    • Spacers” Page L100
    • D Rings” Page L82
  5. Indexes for Physical Infrastructure Systems catalog
    • By Name Pages Q1-Q12
    • By Part Number Q13-Q38
  6. Where to look for other items not found in the Panduit catalogs

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