Improved Safety in MCC Assemblies using SecureConnect 

March 25, 2022

by Ramiro Garza

Centerline 2100 motor control centers (MCCs) can increase safety by reducing workers’ exposure to electrical shocks and harmful voltages with an optional safety feature called SecureConnect. SecureConnect technology allows operators to disconnect the power from individual MCC buckets without opening the enclosure door or entering the arc flash boundary.   

Operators mechanically withdraw the power stabs from each bucket’s back from the vertical bus in an MCC section. Power removal via SecureConnect’s multipoint validation system indicates that the unit’s power stabs are entirely withdrawn from the vertical power bus bars and gives operators peace of mind. With the power stabs removed, a set of shutters involving bus and stab housing covers provide a barrier against the vertical bus bars. The shutters are only open when a connection to the vertical power bus is needed. A continuity circuit interconnected through the three stabs confirms that each has been disconnected from the vertical bus and retracted into the stab housing and thus, creates the two-shutter system. In addition to the continuity circuit, a limit switch provides feedback to indicate the shutters are closed.    

Centerline 2100 SecureConnect for MCCs

Isolating a single bucket via the SecureConnect system can be done at the unit or remotely by using a simple ¼” Hex Driver and Socket Wrench to rotate the power stabs of the unit. Alternatively, a remote option is available via the SecureConnect Remote Operator tool. Remote operation of the SecureConnect unit further strengthens personnel safety. Connecting a remote operator to the front of the SecureConnect unit allows the connection or disconnection of the power stabs to occur in a remote location via a 24V DC motor and wired pendant. This wired controller allows up to 50 feet distance from the unit. A wireless controller allows operation up to 300 feet (line of sight).   

SecureConnect Remote Operator Tool

Three mechanical interlocks help ensure the safe operation of SecureConnect units.  

  1. Stab Withdrawal Interlock – prevents the bucket from having the power stabs disconnected from the vertical power bus bars while the Disconnect Operator is in the ‘On’ position.  
  1. Tool Insertion interlock – prevents access to the SecureConnect access port while the Disconnect Operator is in the ‘On’ position.  
  1. Unit Insertion and Removal Interlock – prevents the unit from being inserted or withdrawn while the bucket power stabs are in the ‘Connected’ position.  

Additionally, any standard Lockout/Tagout device is compatible when securing lockout mechanisms. 

SecureConnect can help get processes back up and running quicker by reducing the need to obtain hot-work permits when servicing equipment. Due to the simplicity of how SecureConnect operates, the rest of the MCC section can continue operation without interruption. This tool can significantly increase safety for personnel by proactively addressing known hazards identified by major safety organizations and standards:  

  • NEC / NFPA 70  
  • NFPA 70E  
  • IEEE 1584 
  • IEEE C37.20.7 

If you have any questions regarding this product or other products Buckles-Smith carries, please contact a Buckles-Smith representative and download this free Centerline 2100 brochure. We look forward to hearing from you.  

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