Philips MainsFit T8 LED – The Logical Solution

May 17, 2021

Blog authored by Brian Vedder at Signify Philips

Deciding to retrofit your linear fluorescent lights to LED? Don’t know where to start?

What factors should you consider when doing a retrofit? 

  • Is there enough energy savings? 
  • Is there a long or tedious installation?
  • Does it provide enough energy savings?
  • Can the manufacturer be trusted for the quality of the product?

Put your mind at ease and make your decision easy with the new Philips MainsFit (UL Type B) T8 LED lamps. These ballast bypass lamps were designed as the perfect solution to facilitate the move from fluorescent to energy-saving LEDs.

MainsFit LED T8 ceiling image

Easy install

Philips MainsFit (UL Type B / Ballast bypass) lamps are designed for simple installation. All of our MainsFit lamps are double-ended, which means that the lamps work with fixtures containing shunted or non-shunted G13 (medium bi-pin) lamp holders, can be installed in any direction, and eliminate any concerns in the case a linear fluorescent lamp is put back into the fixture. Watch this video to see how easy the installation process can be.

Energy savings

You can expect the MainsFit T8 LED lamp to deliver up to 69% energy savings compared to an F32T8 electronic instant start lamp.

MainsFit LED T8 energy savings

Durability & Longevity

This year, we are expanding our MainsFit (UL Type B) family to include a shatter a highly shatter-resistant polycarbonate plastic construction and optimized heat management system. These features enable an impressive 40% longer rated life and warranty; now 70,000 hours and a 7-year limited warranty.

MainsFit LED T8 design highlights


Philips never stops innovating in meaningful ways. We offer a patented design, MainsFit Max, delivering three key features.

  1. Exceeds UL pin leakage standard for safety by 80%
  2. Provides limitless installation – you can fully load a 20A circuit without startup problems
  3. Built-in surge suppression – no external module is needed to ensure long life. 

Of course, all our lamps provide light without visible flicker or stroboscopic effects, the most comfortable light you can experience. 

Peace of mind

Philips is a company with more than 125 years of innovation and reliability in the lighting industry. When it comes to the MainsFit, longevity comes to mind. The average life rating of up to 70,000 hours means lower maintenance costs and satisfied building occupants for quite some time (tested to B50 L70 requirements). It also carries all of the industry-recognized classifications and ratings to give you and your customers the quality assurance that you both demand – cULus Classified, DLC Certified, RoHS Compliant, and NSF Rated.

MainsFit LED T8 mixed image

Make the switch to the future of lamps

The Philips MainsFit (UL Type B) T8 LED lamp was designed for most of your education, commercial and light industrial projects, so go to and find out how easy it is to make the switch.

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