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Reducing Cybersecurity Risk with Claroty and Rockwell Automation


Our team of Cybersecurity experts guides you through implementing the right platform to combat ransomware attacks. Claroty Edge is the industry's first and only zero-infrastructure industrial cybersecurity solution. It provides 100% visibility into any industrial network in minutes with a simple setup, no network changes, and no hardware. In this webinar, you'll learn about the importance of cybersecurity, gain insight into the Claroty Edge solution, and view a demo of the platform in action.

To learn more about Claroty Edge, please email sales@buckles-smith.com.

Atrius Real-Time Location System by Acuity Brands

INTRODUCING THE Atrius Real-Time Location System

Do you know where your assets reside within your facility and do you know if your business operates at maximum efficiency? If a birdseye view of your manufacturing floor allowed you to analyze navigation patterns, asset tracking, and occupant behavior data, all through connected lighting, would you implement the technology? At Buckles-Smith, we understand the importance of optimized operations, and by partnering with Acuity Brands, we can streamline your buildings, employees, and processes to maximize workflow, production, and efficiency. We offer a solution that takes the guesswork out of enhancing the daily grind. That solution is a location-aware IoT data platform called Atrius.

To learn more about the Atrius Real-Time Location System, please email sales@buckles-smith.com.

Cybersecurity Posture Assessment with Claroty and Rockwell Automation


As a top industrial automation vendor, Rockwell Automation invests in, partners with, and trusts Claroty to evaluate and improve their products’ security. As an authorized service provider, Claroty partners with Rockwell Automation to provide a complete solution with the added benefit of access to Rockwell Automation support teams. As Buckles-Smith customers, we will guide you through your cybersecurity journey.

To learn more about our Security Posture Assessment, please email sales@buckles-smith.com.

Control Your Lighting with Holophane


Featuring the new CIP Gateway (CIPGW) designed for Industrial applications to allow two-way communication with the nLight Eclypse and the CIP used in industrial machinery. Learn how your organization can leverage the diverse Acuity Brands portfolio of controls and fixtures to light your space in the way you want without sacrificing the performance and analytics you need.

To learn more about the latest offerings from Holophane and Acuity Brands, please email sales@buckles-smith.com.