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Water Treatment Operation Solutions

Improve Dependability and Increase Efficiency With Your Customer Base

We want to help you boost the dependability and efficiency of your water and wastewater equipment. When you are given access to better performance and economical tools, you serve your customer base with excellence.

The water and wastewater industry faces challenges, including:

  • Water supply and conservation demands
  • Regulatory pressures
  • Energy and operational efficiency
  • Process variability
  • Phasing out aging infrastructure
  • Setting up secure, remote information access

We supply the parts you need to put world-class process control solutions into the hands of water and wastewater professionals.

Reduce Project and Maintenance Costs

Professionals in the water/wastewater industry are faced with tightening water quality standards, rising operating costs, and increased government regulations. By collaborating with manufacturing partners, we give you access to new products and technologies with best-in-class process control solutions and safety. Our water and wastewater solutions help your operation maximize productivity, reduce the cost of implementation, minimize lifecycle costs, and improve the longevity of your equipment.

How We Partner With Your Operation:
City and County of San Francisco Wastewater Group

We partner with the City and County of San Francisco (CCSF) Wastewater group to perform annual preventative maintenance on every piece of Hetch Hetchy water pumping equipment at their facility. This allows the equipment in all of their pumping stations to remain viable and reduce downtime due to equipment failure. Ongoing maintenance saves the City and County of San Francisco money in the long run and helps prevent catastrophic failure that would hurt the city infrastructure.

CCSF Water Wastewater Signage
Image Courtesy of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

Automated Fresh Water TREATMENT

Water Industry Solutions

The water industry faces many challenges in today's environment. You need solutions to help you maximize productivity and make your operation dependable. We help you build a sustainable process to deliver fresh water to the public.

Secure your operations and comply with local regulations to build a workable water framework:

  • Engineering tools and expertise for cost-effective and timely project design and execution
  • Integrated systems that enable complete control, visualization, and reporting of your operation
  • Support for maximum uptime and plant performance

We help you get the tools, products, and knowledge you need. An installed base helps water producers maximize productivity, reduce lifecycle costs and meet regulatory compliance.


For further information, download The Connected Water Plant (right).

Pump Station Controller

The Rockwell Automation Pump Station Controller pre-engineered package solution utilizes standard products with programmable logic controller (PLC) code and Human-Machine Interface (HMI) screens. No programming is required to operate or configure the controller. Screen selections give you the ability to choose between pump-down, pump-up, or pressure follower control.

Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment Plant Solutions

We want to help your wastewater treatment operation protect water quality and reduce overall energy consumption. Several processes used in wastewater treatment require significant amounts of energy, including:

  • Taking carbon dioxide (CO2) generated from sludge processing and turning it into methane gas to fuel other processes in the facility
  • Using aeration basin blowers to dissolve oxygen and encourage microorganism growth

These processes benefit from solutions that monitor and control energy use.

Integrated control, visualization systems, and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems for wastewater treatment reduce design time and enhance process control. Get better preventative maintenance and access to process data using advanced networking and diagnostic capabilities. At Buckles-Smith, we want to be your partner in making this happen.

Wastewater Facility - Buckles-Smith supplies municipal water treatment plants


Energy Efficiency in Operations

Energy is necessary for each step of the treatment process, running every day to keep pumps, motors, and other equipment operational. Buckles-Smith helps you conduct no-risk energy audits to improve energy efficiency through key adjustments.

These essential changes help you bring down plant energy bills and limit the environmental impact of plant activities. Savings from these decisions can be placed into investments and other projects. Whether it's energy-efficient power and controls, Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting and lighting controls, or geothermal energy, Buckles-Smith helps you decrease your energy footprint.

Facility Management and Construction

Buckles-Smith helps you secure your plant infrastructure, maximize efficiency and meet government regulations.

Sound construction advice and professional facility management solutions bring down operating costs today and save money long-term.

To support your water and wastewater management, we work with:

  • Pumps
  • Flow switches
  • Safety gear
  • Access control
  • Inventory management
  • Extended-term warranties

Building Intelligence and Networks

Network and intelligence capabilities are the foundation of efficiency in a water treatment plant.

We provide heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), control lighting, security, alarms, and varying building systems to slash expenses, reduce overall downtime and increase worker communication.

Maximize your return on investment by using technology to create a safer, more productive water and wastewater treatment plant. From building intelligence and network solutions to monitoring and control to reporting and alarming - we can help you get relevant data into the right hands.

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Services and Technical Support

Buckles-Smith and Allied Electric have an extensive technical support staff ready to help you troubleshoot problems and brainstorm potential opportunities for your operation. Our team of experts will help you every step of the way, from the initial quote to final order placement.