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Solutions for Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, and Medical Devices

Your life sciences manufacturing operation faces rapid industry changes, increasing government regulations, and tightening competition.

With 45+ years of life science experience, Rockwell Automation wants to help your company maximize efficiency, lower overall costs, and improve product quality. The top ten pharmaceutical companies and 95% of Fortune 50 life sciences companies trust Rockwell Automation to help them reach their goals.

Every step of the production cycle is within scope, from research and development (R&D) to clinical trial, to commercial manufacturing. By capturing data and converting it into actionable analytics, you can boost performance and minimize waste.

At Buckles-Smith, we believe you should have control over your operation. Right-time recipe management, standards-based solutions for regulation, and a streamlined production approach will help you become more profitable. View your data in a single place to better predict problems, decrease losses and optimize your manufacturing process.

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The Future of Life Sciences

We are living through the next industrial transformation. This is the era of improved patient outcomes, personalized medicine, smaller implants, and quicker launches. To make these possibilities a reality, the industry requires a generation of thinkers, problem-solvers, and innovators working together to create a better future.

In collaboration with Rockwell Automation, Buckles-Smith works with pharmaceutical companies, biotech firms, and device manufacturers to design futuristic facilities. Leverage digitized automation, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connectivity, and single-use equipment to push your operation forward.

By adopting innovation, you can help your company:

  • Increase time-to-market speed
  • Ensure compliance and drive productivity
  • Give your people decision-making data and tools
  • Bolster your network cybersecurity

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Automation, and Building Management Systems

The best pharmaceutical organizations have deliberate processes to manage operations, process control, validation, and quality. We want to give you the technology, knowledge, and expertise to make your operation produce world-class products while increasing profitability.

Drive Productivity and Focus on Profitability

Rockwell Automation places real-time manufacturing data into your hands to make better business decisions. Even in the face of increased competition, more significant production requirements, and an intense regulation regimen, you can reach new markets, compete with generics and harvest maximum value out of patented products before expiration.

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Plantwide Production Management With PharmaSuite® Manufacturing Execution Systems

PharmaSuite® Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) software allows you to increase your pharma supply chain's effectiveness, comply with industry regulations, improve time-to-market, and meet your financial benchmarks. An end-to-end solution, PharmaSuite® Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), gives you right-first-time production and reduces the total amount of inventory you need on hand. Applications of this scalable software include:

  • Production order management
  • Quality management
  • Recipe management
  • Review by exception
  • Pharma track and trace
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Biotechnology Manufacturing Solutions

The future of biotechnology manufacturing is only going to become more complex, competitive, and regulated. Shift your business strategy to lead your operation to success in a forward-moving industry. Take on yield challenges, product quality concerns, and government regulation increases by integrating biotech manufacturing processes with the rest of your production.

Convert Production Data Into Useable Analytics

Biotech industry problems demand innovative, connected plant solutions. We can help you build an integrated, information-enabled automation system to deliver value to your business. This process will help you achieve:

  • Fast product launches
  • Lower compliance costs
  • "Right-First-Time" release
  • Reduced cycle times

The future of biotech manufacturing will be connected and interdependent. Are you ready to take on these challenges?

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Flexible Manufacturing

Facilities processing multi-product designs and enabled with modular build concepts are now possible, thanks to advances in biopharmaceutical technology. Single-use and mobile technologies allow your production to have a flexible manufacturing approach. Rockwell Automation single-use solutions can help your biopharmaceutical company thrive through each stage of the production lifecycle.

Single-stage solutions include:

  • Equipment tracking
  • Flow-path verification
  • Material tracking
  • Hygienic status tracking
  • Regulatory compliance

Plug and play technology delivers a scalable solution for flexible manufacturing. Combine this with Manufacturing Intelligence and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) solutions, and it becomes a powerful multi-product manufacturing tool.

PharmaSuite® Manufacturing Execution Systems

Rockwell Automation can help you consistently meet your productivity goals and operating standards with PharmaSuite® Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). In an increasingly regulated and competitive biotech industry, you need an end-to-end solution for each challenge.

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Agile Biotech Production

The biotech industry demands flexibility, agility, and accuracy from producers. We want to help you succeed by offering a set of process, information and automation solutions.

Drive manufacturing flexibility and scale your operation by using:

  • Batch Management
  • Building Management Systems for Pharma
  • Information Solutions
  • Process Systems

Medical Device Manufacturing Solutions

The medical device manufacturing industry is placed under both market and regulatory pressure to deliver better, safer, and more accurate products. We can help you use medical device manufacturing intelligence and data to set up a long-term, profitable strategy.

Upgrade Compliance, Quality, and Time-to-Market

As a Rockwell Automation authorized distributor, Buckles-Smith helps you integrate automation with your manufacturing operations in a complete, understandable solution for medical device manufacturers. By reducing overall manual labor and improving throughput, your production can unlock exceptional quality and reduced costs.

Strategies include:

  • Use integrated systems to improve efficiency
  • Complete tracing to improve visibility
  • Lowering costs of compliance
  • Cut cycle times

You need flexible and agile medical manufacturing systems to meet industry demands. We can help you create these solutions.

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Flexible and Scalable to Adapt to Market Challenges

Medical device manufacturing companies are driven by immense pressures to help ensure safety, accuracy, and regulatory compliance throughout the production process. These manufacturers increasingly turn to automation to improve their competitive position.

Rockwell Automation provides a fully integrated automation and information solution for medical device manufacturers to reduce the amount of manual labor, leading to increased throughput, improved quality, and lower costs. Key benefits include:

  • Improved efficiency with integrated systems
  • Increased visibility allows for full traceability
  • Reduced cost of compliance
  • Reduced cycle times

More flexible and agile medical manufacturing systems are needed to meet standards and address the growing importance of manufacturing intelligence. We can help you get there.

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Enterprise-Wide Operational Performance

The medical device manufacturing process requires efficiency to stay competitive. You need a solution to help you reduce employee errors, eliminate paperwork and drive excellent performance standards for your plant.

As an Authorized Service Provider, we partner with Rockwell Automation to bring you PharmaSuite® Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software. By providing seamless integration from enterprise resource planning (ERP) to shop floor, real-time quality dashboards, and more, PharmaSuite® will help streamline manufacturing tasks. Based on S88 and S95 standards, PharmaSuite software includes order-management and electronic device history record (eDHR) support to boost the assembly process, track, and document every manufactured medical device.

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