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Electrical Vehicle Manufacturing

The Future of the Automotive Industry Is Electric.

The automotive industry responds to market and regulatory forces pointing toward increased use of electric vehicle options worldwide. As an owner, manufacturer, or supplier, this presents a challenge to adopt new technology and adjust production processes. We will help you create an innovative, flexible, and automated operation to expedite electric vehicle production.

Build Scalable Systems and Reduce Downtime
in Electric Automotive Manufacturing

Downtime is a huge burden for automotive manufactures, costing anywhere from $60K to $100K per minute. Partnering with Buckles-Smith helps you identify ways to improve efficiencies and maintain maximum uptime with a data-driven approach to electric vehicle operation.

The ability to scale your electric vehicle operation is driven by optimizing your process. We help guide you through auto production best practices and help you manage infrastructure and supply chain design. We can connect your operations to help your staff make better decisions with the correct data.

  • Make better business decisions using scalable analytics
  • Improve quality and operational equipment effectiveness (OEE)
  • Share real-time data across operations
  • Slash downtime with machine diagnostics
  • Improve speed and reliability

Solutions for Electric Vehicle Manufacturing

High-Voltage Charging Station

We help your operation get the supplies you need to build out high-voltage charging stations.

  • Switchboard
  • Wire
  • Transformers
  • Liquid Cooled Charging Cables

Full Factory Electrical Support

We provide full factory electrical support, from 120kV substations down to 24V control panels and everything in between, including:

  • Busway/Bus Plugs
  • Indoor/Outdoor/Production Lighting
  • Rotary and Linear Motors and Drives
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
  • Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)
  • Wire and Cable
  • Cable tray and Channel

Electric Automotive Supply Chain Solutions

Onsite material maintained and replenished by Buckles-Smith. We provide vendor-managed inventory (VMI) and asset management solutions to reduce material handling costs, streamline production, and manage inventory restocking.

"I would like to recognize Ben Hiteman [of Buckles-Smith] for his exceptional proactiveness and thorough communication skills. Turning around a quote that included over 1,000 line items across multiple product categories in just four days. Ben played a significant role in securing the VMI program at our facility. I went down to the cage yesterday and saw the changes Buckles-Smith have implemented. It looks amazing!"
--Customer, Large EV Manufacturer

Engineer Smart Battery Production Facilities

Smart battery manufacturing facilities can design, build and deliver unparalleled volume. FactoryTalk® InnovationSuite can help you review throughput improvements, monitor formation process genealogy, respond to predictive maintenance in coating and drying and improve operational efficiencies in anode/cathode mixing.

Use real-time information and analytics to give your operation the edge in electric vehicle battery production.

Execute a Flawless Launch

Poor control specifications, technology changes, and a lack of training and spare parts can break your program launch even before the first purchase order. We want to help you avoid these mistakes for a clean launch.

  • Optimize controls and processes
  • Monitor change orders and specification deviations
  • Improve communication between all parties
  • Avoid cost overruns
  • Reduce start-up and change over times
  • Turn data into actionable information
  • Design and test dependencies before production

Keep your launch on track with our program management services.

Smart Automotive Manufacturing

Building Automation and Control Systems for Automotive and Tire Manufacturing Industries

Embrace Change and Give Your Manufacturing Operation the Edge

The shifting landscape in the automotive space is exciting but also challenging. Continual change in technology, regulation, and market disruptions force you to become innovative. Whether you are a mature automaker, startup electric vehicle (EV) company, or tier supplier, you need a strategy to be competitive in the future.

Rethinking manufacturing and getting a fast start are the keys to remaining relevant in the automotive space. Rockwell Automation entered the era of smart manufacturing, and there is no turning back. Buckles-Smith is in your corner helping you navigate a changing industry.

Rockwell Automation has the tools and knowledge you need to win. Their experience in automotive manufacturing and automation positions us to help you improve the potential of your plant. Create flexibility and increase efficiency by partnering with Buckles-Smith.

We help you get to market by providing:

  • Workforce training
  • Machine builder coordination
  • Local and remote support
  • Global specification design development
  • Real-time information and analytics
  • Information technology and operational technology integration

Give Your Automotive Operation the Digital Edge With FactoryTalk

Manage and monitor your entire automotive manufacturing enterprise from a single dashboard. FactoryTalk® InnovationSuite provides lift in an automotive plant setting for both mature and start-up automakers.

Your operation can respond to shifting market conditions and monitor plant performance through a custom, easy-to-use dashboard.

Take control of your automotive operation with FactoryTalk® InnovationSuite.

Get Access to Essential Manufacturing and Production Data

As an automotive manufacturing company, you worry about making target output every day. Recurring downtime issues hurt your productivity, and quality problems can be hard to identify before they harm production.

We want to help ease these worries with FactoryTalk® AutoSuite™ Manufacturing Execution System (MES) from Rockwell Automation. This software integrates production and business systems across your operation. It can help drive your decision-making process, turning raw data into practical, measurable analytics.

Start a responsive, quality-focused operation by integrating FactoryTalk® AutoSuite™ Manufacturing Execution System into your production.

Custom Press Line Production and Digital Operational Equipment Effectiveness Strategy

Current trends in vehicle customization will have a huge impact on how auto manufacturers invest in production facilities. To keep up with the market and capital demands, your operation needs a flexible, smart stamping, forming, and fabrication system.

Integrated Architecture System

Merge motion and sequential control in one platform. Enhance precise tension control for your press automation systems and communicate with ancillary equipment and plant-wide systems.

Safety Solutions

Improve operator and press safety without compromising productivity.

Off-the-Shelf Solutions

Get a ready-to-to, pre-engineered solution to upgrade your pressroom controls:

  • PressGuard™ press control system
  • Compact PressMaster™ press control system
  • ClutchGuard™ for clutch-brake control
  • FeederPro™ for press feed or cut-to-length applications
  • STFPro™ for servo transfer feed systems

Learn more about how you can get scalable, digital operational equipment effectiveness solutions from Rockwell Automation by downloading the Digital OEE Strategy infographic.

Modernize Tire and Rubber Production

Technology advancements in the global tire industry have put pressure on manufacturers to develop better designs, improve development and innovate production. Larger rim sizes, smart tires, SKU proliferation, airless variations, and increased mileage forecasts are a handful of the challenges you face.

Develop a scalable, flexible solution using tire manufacturing automation and control systems. Rockwell Automation helps you squeeze the most value out of every stage of tire production - from raw material processing through final inspection. Buckles-Smith will integrate and standardize these strategies across plants and through each step of your production lifecycle.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Ensure productivity, navigate complex data collection, and respond to real-time conditions using a manufacturing execution system.

  • Build tires to spec with enforceable work instructions that guide workers through processes
  • Improve the tracking of key performance indicators and reduce paperwork by automating data collection
  • Make faster, smarter decisions using real-time insights like work-in-process (WIP) updates


Use feedback from gathered data to make better decisions for your plant.

  • Fix impending asset failures before they cause downtime, using alerts
  • Optimize production and improve quality by using production data and tire records in a smart feedback loop

Digital Twin

The best way to test and optimize machines.

  • Use a digital replica of your machine to confirm ideal operation
  • Perform controls testing before a machine is built to avoid last-minute design changes and start-up delays
  • Train operators, guide maintenance and test production changes

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Services and Technical Support

Buckles-Smith and Allied Electric have an extensive technical support staff ready to help you troubleshoot problems and brainstorm potential opportunities for your operation. Our team of experts will help you every step of the way, from the initial quote to final order placement.