Top 5 Tips for Facility Safety Visuals

April 25, 2014

Top 5 Tips for Facility Safety Visuals

How to keep your facility productive and safe using visuals.

Using visuals in your facility is essential to employee awareness when it comes to safety precautions. When dealing with biohazard/hazardous materials, electrical machine and equipment, and other safety hazards, you should have signs indicating to your employees about the hazard and what precautions they should take. Safety visuals are important to keeping your facility safe and productive.

Today we will be going over the top Five Safety Visual Tips from our friends at Brady. You can read about these tips and more in Brady’s “50 Lean Visuals” pocketbook.

  1. When formatting your safety signs there are important information to include, such as the hazard, extent of hazard, potential consequences, pictograms, and instructions for avoiding hazard. For ease of legibility, your text should be with sentence caps and left justification.
    Safety Visual Formatting
  2. Make sure to post your safe work instructions at the location of the existing hazard. Posting hazard warnings and safe work instructions is vital in employee awareness of hazards.
    Point-of-Need Instruction
  3. Clearly mark your firefighting equipment, eye wash stations, first aid stations, safety shower, and other safety equipment for employees to easily locate in case of emergency.
    Safety & Fire Protection Equipment
  4. Use red and white striped floor tape to indicate areas for safety equipment and firefighting equipment. Keep these areas clear, per OSHA requirements.
    Safety & Fire Protection Floor Markings
  5. Use black and yellow striped tape surrounding any area or equipment where there are special hazards. This will indicate to your employees that there is a special hazard and they should take special precautions when working in the area specified and avoid any unintended exposure.
    Hazardous Areas or Equipment

    + plus one more!
  6. Mark your electrical equipment with both shock and arc flash warnings, per NFPA70E and the NEC.
    Electrical Equipment Warnings

If you need support with your facility’s Safety Visuals please contact the Buckles-Smith Sales Team and we will put you in touch with the appropriate technical specialist.

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