Installed Base Evaluation

June 22, 2023

Installed Base Evaluation

Your Solution to Product and Inventory Management and Support

Today, I would like to talk about Rockwell Automation’s Installed Base Evaluation (IBE). Rockwell’s Installed Base Evaluation helps you determine what actions you should take regarding the management and support of your products and/or inventory.

An IBE helps our customers really get a grasp for what products and/or inventory are at risk for obsolescence in their facility based on the assessment level they choose. Depending on the level you choose, an IBE is applicable to not only Rockwell products, but third Party products as well.

This site-delivered service will help you take action against any process or equipment issues that might be hindering your production performance and other aspects of your operation. Here is a bit more about what takes place during an IBE:

Installed Base Evaluation Process

Step 1: Field Collection – On-site data collected by a Rockwell Automation Field Service Professional.
Step 2: Processing – Off-site processing and analysis determines plant lifecycle risks and overall MRO inventory status.
Step 3: Delivery – Delivery of reporting to customer using a consultative approach.

What is the Value of an IBE?

  • Identification of product lifecycle status via plant hierarchy
  • Identification of legacy obsolescence risks
  • Identification of excess/shortage of spare parts
  • Mechanical and other OEM electronics may be included
  • Identification of migration/conversion priorities
  • Baseline for determining a Strategic Maintenance Program

Your final analysis includes:

  • Easy-to-read reports, with red, yellow and green coding indicating the lifecycle status of all parts
  • Identification of critical spares, including excess, insufficient and inactive spares
  • Enterprise, software and custom reporting available upon request
  • Lifecycle analysis
    • Summary by plant
    • Risk by line, machine
    • Risk by catalog number
  • Plant analysis
    • Detailed reports by plant, area, department, line, machine, panel and catalog number
    • Environmental condition reporting
  • Inventory
    • Summary of spares analysis
    • Recommendation of stocking levels based on MTBF and plant operating hours
    • Detailed report including active, excess and inactive spares

Below is a video provided by Rockwell Automation.

I hope you found this post informative, please feel free to leave a comment below with any questions or concerns!

See how Installed Base Evaluation can improve your operation.

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