Rockwell Automation Product Support – TechConnect

April 20, 2017

Rockwell Automation Product Support - TechConnect

24x7x365 Technical Support for Allen-Bradley Products

In the Industrial Automation Industry many people only call customer service when they have a product issue. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, many of these requests are made late in the afternoon to a manufacturer support line across the country or overseas. An afternoon support request may not be answered until the following business day. Rockwell Automation and Buckles-Smith take a different approach.

Rockwell’s experienced support staff of over 350+ product and system engineers is available around-the-clock to help you when critical automation equipment starts acting up, and your production floor is on the verge of an Armageddon. In this blog we provide an overview of the Rockwell Automation’s TechConnect Support available through San Francisco Bay Area distributor, Buckles-Smith Electric.

What is TechConnect?

TechConnect is Rockwell Automation’s technical assistance service available 24x7x365 in 22 languages and counting. TechConnect provides online, email and phone support that will help optimize your production, in addition to offering support during unexpected downtime. You can consider the support from engineers, via live chat and phone, an extra team of engineers for your facility. The level of support varies depending on the needs of the user and their production facility.

What is the value of TechConnect?

With TechConnect, Rockwell Automation is available to help no matter what your question. Not only is TechConnect support available when your plant is down, but you can also leverage the support to optimize your plant and implement best practices for crisis prevention. The below points demonstrate the value of a TechConnect contract beyond downtime support.

  • Optimize control system performance
  • Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Best Practices, How-to’s, Learning Tools
  • Programming and application assistance
  • Product coverage at every stage of life – current to legacy
  • Normalize control system expertise at the plant
  • Assist in reducing maintenance time and costs

What are the TechConnect Support Options?

A TechConnect Contract has five levels of support. These support options vary from Self-Assist Support to Application Support. Figure 1 TechConnect Support Options outlines the different features of the five support options. Working with our Buckles-Smith Industrial Services Specialist, you can select the option that best fits to your requirements.

TechConnect Offerings
TechConnect offers several options when it comes to the support you need.

What is the cost of a TechConnect contract, and how do I set one up?

The cost of a Rockwell Automation TechConnect contract depends on the level of support your facility requires, the type of product requiring support and the duration of the support contract. Contact a Buckles-Smith Services Specialist to request a TechConnect quote. Once your TechConnect contract is in place, you will receive an authorization number which enables you to get professional help on software maintenance, comprehensive online support and real-time telephone support.

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