Phased Migration Options for SLC to Logix Controllers

March 3, 2022

by Jeff Mayers

Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of customers operate their automation applications with SLC 500 programmable controllers. With the recent “active mature” life cycle announcement for the SLC 500 controllers, many customers will need to know more about upgrading and migrating to new products.   

Enter the 1492 Wiring Harness Migration product offering from Rockwell Automation. Customers can easily migrate their old SLC 500 controllers and I/O modules with a next-generation PLC in minutes.  

With a few panels mounted with 1492 wiring devices and conversion modules, customers can safely and efficiently upgrade automation applications without the need to re-program their entire process into a new controller. The 1492 wiring harness is a cost-effective and straightforward approach that we encourage all our SLC 500 customers to use proactively. Why wait for your old controller to be discontinued and fail, forcing you to pay a systems integrator a premium to get back up and running? You could mitigate the amount of time spent wiring by implementing 1492 modules to a new PLC and ensure the continued robustness of your manufacturing process. Do not be caught without a backup plan should your soon-to-be outdated SLC 500 controllers fail. It’s a no-brainer! 

Besides preventing costly downtime to your facility, 1492 I/O Wiring Systems also have many benefits. Learn how it can increase machine-building productivity, simplify your design and engineering time, and reduce wiring time and wiring errors within minutes. 

Check out the 1492 in action: 

Also, you can sign up for our Logix Control Systems 101 course on April 12th for more insight where you will learn about Integrated Architecture using Studio 5000 (formally RSLogix 5000) Programming Suite for programming & configuring ControlLogix and CompactLogix Control Systems. 

Please reach out to your Buckles-Smith rep with any questions, and we will be happy to answer them for you! 

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