ABB Introduces New T&B Industrial Fittings OEM Conversion Program

March 21, 2022

The T&B industrial fittings OEM conversion program provides a streamlined sales process flow to make the transition more accessible and efficient. A first for the company, OEMs participating in the program will be receiving conversion allowances for costs to convert their current fittings to ABB’s T&B product lines.

Benefits of the OEM Conversion Program

Product lines eligible for the program

The program has a one-time reimbursement, in the form of a conversion allowance. The conversion allowance only applies to certain product lines and there are specific guidelines. Conversion allowances are designed to assist with costs associated with partnering with ABB, such as engineering changes, bills of materials or drawings, additional testing, and amendments to existing certifications or files. The rewards of doing business with ABB don’t end after your initial conversion. Their overall goal is to partner with OEMs in a long-term, mutually beneficial business relationship.

Step-by-Step Process

Step 1: Contact Your Buckles-Smith Representative

Contact your Buckles-Smith representative for assistance crossing your existing components over to T&B, determining your annual usage requirements, and documenting the costs associated with your conversion (engineering, testing, etc.).

Step 2: Conversion Allowance Confirmation

Buckles-Smith will provide competitive pricing and work with T&B for approval of the conversion cost allowance.

Step 3: Finalize Initial Order

Upon approval by all parties, an order is placed with Buckles-Smith and a conversion allowance will be issued in the form of an account credit.  Timing of this credit will be either after the initial order is placed or after meeting the agreed upon purchases after a one year period.  This will be defined in step two for approval.

To discuss the program with a qualified team member, email us at or call your sales representative.

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