New Motor Disconnects

June 15, 2015

New Motor Disconnects

for Food & Beverage Customers

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems has been hard at work making improvements to their product offerings for the Food & Beverage industry. We will go over what those improvements are and give you a look at a couple of Hubbell’s disconnect switches that can help improve your facility.

New Ratings and Improvements

All of Hubbell’s HBLDS Enclosures now have improved ratings. These new ratings are NSF and IP69k ratings.

National Sanitation Foundation International (NSF) is an independent global organization that writes standards, and tests and certifies products for hygiene applications in the food, water and consumer goods industries, to ensure the products perform in these installations. This means that the device has been approved to promote hygiene, which is essential when dealing with in the food and beverage.

The IP69k rating ensures that the product has been tested and approved to withstand high pressure hot water (176°), which is very important when using hot and high pressure water to keep your facility clean. In addition, the IP69k Dust Test required the device to be placed in a dust chamber for 8 hours while a vacuum tries to pull dust into the sealed device. At the end of the testing NO water or dust can be present in the device for it to pass.

Both of these tests are important because the NSF ensures that there are no points for mold to grow on and the IP69k rating ensures that the product can stay clean and also withstand any heavy duty cleaning.

The Hubbell Disconnect Switches are designed to be easily cleaned and stay clean.

Another improvement Hubbell has gone forward with is laser-etched labels. This ensures that even with all the high pressure, hot water, dust, and other things that happen on the facility floor, the label never comes off.

Here are a couple of featured Hubbell disconnect switches for your Food & Beverage needs:

Circuit-Lock® Sloped Top Stainless Steel Disconnect (HBLDS3SSR)

Does the shape remind you of anything familiar? If you thought mailbox, then you are correct! The mailbox-like sloped design helps with runoff, keeping water and debris off the device, just like your mailbox does for your mail.

Hubbell’s stainless steel sloped top disconnect switch has been engineered to help with shedding water and debris. Horizontal surfaces have been minimized, making it easier to clean and keep it clean.

The enclosure features nonporous 304 stainless steel and is UL Listed IP69k and UL Type 4X and 12. They have been certified by NSF for hygiene applications in food and beverage processing.

Circuit-Lock® Sloped Top Stainless Steel Disconnect (HBLDS3SSR)
Circuit-Lock® Sloped Top Stainless Steel Disconnect (HBLDS3SSR)

More key facts:

  • 4X Rounded Slope Design
    • > 90% Preferred Rounded Slope Top in VOC
    • Superior Shedding of Water & Debris
    • Does Not Point All Runoff at Users Feet
    • Cannot be Used as a Step
  • Similar Size to HBL Disconnects
    • ≥ Wiring Space to HBLDS Style Disconnects
  • Highly Visible LOTO Handle Protected by Full Shroud
    • LOTO Notch for Clearance of Padlock Shackle
  • UL Listed Type 4X and IP69k
  • 6mm Standoff Mounting to Meet Code – Required for All Metallic Enclosure Installations
  • NSF Certification
  • Available in 30, 60 and 100A
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Up to 2 Aux Contacts
  • Labelless Embossed With On & Off

Advantage Series Switch Rated IEC Pin & Sleeve

The Advantage Series Switch Rated IEC Pin & Sleeve is the first and only IEC 60309-2 Pin & Sleeve Switch-Rated Device currently in the market place. No personal protective gear (PPE) is required for normal operation of Hubbell’s IEC Pin & Sleeve device. Since it has a built-in disconnect switch that helps protect the user from any arc-flash. Check out this video for a product demonstration.

The IEC Pin & Sleeve is also intermateable with the existing installed base of IEC 60309-2 Pin & Sleeve, saving you time and money.

Advantage Series Switch Rated IEC Pin & Sleeve
Advantage Series Switch Rated IEC Pin & Sleeve

More Ratings and key facts:

  • USA made
  • Superior ratings: 125kA SCCR, 30 HP, 4X and IP69k ratings
    • NSF Certification
    • Superior Water Ingress Protection – Works with wash down procedures that resemble being blasted with a fire hose (UL Type 4X) or a pressure washer with extremely hot water (IP69k) this device is able to withstand these harsh conditions.
    • Superior Horsepower Ratings – In addition to its’ 100kA SCCR rating, the Advantage Series has established new benchmark ratings in the switch-rated category – up to 30HP at 3Ø 600V!
    • Cannot be Used as a Step
  • NEC 430.102(B) “Line of Sight” disconnecting requirements
    • Spring Loaded Disconnect Button – Highly visible and easily operated disconnecting means.
  • UL 2682 switch rated pin & sleeve connections
  • IEC 60309 Singly Rated Device
  • Continuous Ground Engagement
  • Power Indicating LED Lights – Located on both sides of the device are a highly visible and long lasting LED lights providing users verification of power when devices have been mated. These lights are both a convenience and safety feature.
  • Heavy Duty External Cord Grips
  • The UV stabilized impact and corrosion resistant Valox housing is designed to withstand the harshest industrial environments.
  • Compact & Ergonomic Design
    • Engineered to be easily operated by gloved hands
    • Device is not significantly bigger than standard IEC 60309 devices.
  • Permanent Labelless Markings
  • Spring Loaded Cover – Naturally in the open position for clear visual indication of water tight status avoiding errant wash downs while open (3R).
  • Stainless Steel Hardware

Summary and Highlights

To learn more about Hubbell’s Motor Disconnects, visit, where you can view Hubbell’s Food Processing page. You can more find informational literature and videos regarding Hubbell products on their website as well.