Minimize Downtime and Improve Safety with Electronic Weigh Scale Calibration

June 9, 2017

Minimize Downtime and Improve Safety with Electronic Weigh Scale Calibration

Calibrate your weigh scale in three steps

Problem: Calibrating weigh scales can be time consuming and costly, with downtime and personnel safety being the main concerns.

Solution: Electronic Weigh Scale Calibration by Hardy Process Solutions C2 Calibration decreases time and resources spent on calibration.

Instead of traditional calibration methods, of shutting down your production, and repeatedly placing weights and removing them, Hardy’s C2 Electronic Calibration means the load cells have already been calibrated by Hardy, the weigh scale manufacturer. Hardy’s C2 Calibration method seeks to deliver the same quality of “traditional” calibration in a more efficient manner.

Here are the three steps and components required for electronic calibration of a Hardy weigh scale:

Calibrate Your Weigh Scale in Three Steps

  1. Install, connect and configure the scale: load cells, junction box, and instrument
  2. Using the Instrument, capture ZERO – the summed millivolt signal with tank or platform scale “empty”.
  3. Calibration is complete. Validate calibration with small “local” certified test weight, 5-10% of scale capacity. Customers have used less than this range (1-2%) successfully.

The Components of an Industrial Scale

  • Load Cell(s) the load sensing devices – typically 3 or 4 are used for a tank or platform scale
  • Junction Box – also called Summing Card
  • Instrument (Weight Controller, Weight Processor or PLC Plug-In Weight Module)

C2 Calibration is a technology that comes with all Hardy’s weigh scale equipment whether it be a standalone unit or one of the in-chassis weigh module cards for the Allen Bradley CompactLogix or ControlLogix platforms. C2 works with single point or multipoint load cells designed and manufactured by Hardy.

Watch Hardy’s video demonstration of their C2 Calibration vs Traditional methods:

If you want to know more about Hardy’s C2 Calibration check out their case study:

Northern California is flush with diverse process solution applications. From the food and beverage industry in Salinas to life sciences in the San Francisco Bay Area to oil and gas in Contra Costa County, accurate weigh scale calibration is critical to these processes.