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Buckles-Smith Hosted Event

MCC Van Tour June 2023

Jun 5 - Jun 23

We Bring the Driving Force in Motor Control Centers to Your Doorstep

See the Low Voltage MCC that features EtherNet I/P, SecureConect, ArcShield and IntelliCENTER Technologies.

The MCC Van will be available in the Bay Area from June 5th-June 16th and available in Fresno, CA from June 19th-June 23rd.


If you would like to make an appointment to have the MCC van come to your door for a demo or have any questions, please contact:


Steve Studebaker in the Bay Area: (510) 368-0686

Email: sstudebaker@buckles-smith.com

Jonathan Giraud in Fresno: (559) 270-0752

Email: jgiraud@buckles-smith.com