Valley Industry Partnership Program

May 6, 2021

Valley Industry Partnership Program

The Central Valley continues to be a manufacturing industry hiring hotspot with over 100,000 employed residents and an overwhelming demand for skilled engineers that shows no signs of slowing down.

Over the past 22 years, the Valley Industry Partnership (VIP) program at Fresno State University has been instrumental in this growth by creating a bridge to join students currently studying various engineering methodologies with companies looking for ready-skilled graduates. Each semester, the educational program accepts 30-45 students. It includes roughly 30 local and global companies, including Allied Electric, focused on filling highly sought-after roles by selecting from this pool of skilled graduates. The partnership with participating companies invested in the program is vital as they provide insight on current course offerings and validate their relevance in today’s real-world environments. The symbiotic nature of the VIP program benefits both parties as students receive a streamlined path to success upon graduation armed with modern skills, and companies gain an advanced workforce ready to excel on day one.

Students participating in the program have also flourished with a 95% employment rate after graduation. Additionally, many alumni who initially decide to leave the area wind up returning to take advantage of the burgeoning industry. Allied Electric has been heavily involved in amplifying the program for over ten years and continues to sponsor and participate in community outreach events. Fresno State’s thriving career fairs are one example, where up to 300 prospective students gather each semester, all vying for a highly coveted spot in the program.

Allied Booth Career Fair

On the leadership side, Allied Electric’s Craig Barnes has faithfully guided the program as chair for the past two years and served as vice-chair two years prior. With the collaboration and heavy support from everyone in the community and industry, there is no doubt the VIP program will continue to plant and expand the seeds of success in an already prosperous manufacturing industry.

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