Top Three (3) Advantages of a Scalable OEE Solution

March 8, 2021

Top Three (3) Advantages of a Scalable OEE Solution

Learn about the Benefits of Implementing a Rockwell Automation Scalable OEE Software Solution

OEE is a valuable metric that can be deployed in any industry. If executed properly, it can help identify slow performance, quality issues, and reduce downtime and plant costs.

By implementing a Scalable OEE software solution from Rockwell Automation, your company can take its first step into digital transformation by elevating its overall visibility of production efficiency and obtain detailed insight from direct data collections from a single machine/line or from your entire plant.


One of the key benefits of implementation is being able to visualize and monitor your assets in real time. Data collections within the first 30 days will help you form the building blocks for your companies’ future planning phases. You’ll be able to manage your overall asset performance by measuring downtime, capacity limits, and rejects. With an enhanced vision over your top faults, you can then transition from a reactionary downtime module to being able to fix reoccurring failures before they occur. This will stabilize your assets so you can focus on gathering the crucial production data that can be used to build valuable ROI analysis on your machinery investments.


Another advantage in introducing a Scalable OEE strategy is increasing your performance measurement benchmarks. It will produce crucial insights and suggest corrective actions to help drive and document real performance improvement. You’ll be able to identify real-time bottlenecks in any particular line or production area, while still having the freedom to add more assets for individual line or multi-line views. These detailed insights will help fuse the connection between your production performance and tie them in to your end goals. Additionally, you’ll have the option to incorporate and translate non-production data sources such as MRP, HR, Quality, and more for richer understandings on overall performance. Think of this comprehensive data as a guide to help you define, measure, and implement continuous improvement objectives for your plant.


Finally, a new Scalable OEE strategy will empower you with the tools needed to gather and link historical asset information with process data to run root cause analysis while driving continuous improvement in your facility. With constant data insight options, you’ll be able to lay the foundational environment for applying advanced analytics to achieve real-time continuous improvement, and still have the flexibility to add, remove, or change any data sources to produce additional insights and analysis if necessary. With this powerful metric, customizing your end goals when needed has never been simpler.

If you’d like to learn more about why a Rockwell Automation Scalable OEE Solution is right for you, be sure to watch the following videos and reach out to your Buckles-Smith representative today.

Scalable OEE: A Quick Demo (6 minutes)

OEE Basics: A Primer Video (20 minutes)

If you are having issues accessing the videos, you can also view them on this dedicated page from Rockwell Automation.

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