Stratix 5800 High-Performance Ethernet Switches

April 13, 2022

Stratix 5800 High Performance Ethernet Switches

by Chris Gerbing

Welcome to the newest member of the Stratix managed Ethernet switch family, the Stratix 5800!

The Stratix 5800 is the newest entry in the line of high-performance Stratix managed Ethernet switches. They are DIN-mountable, industrially hardened, all-Gigabit layer 2&3 ethernet switches in various port counts and features. They look to fill the spot left by the Stratix 8000/8300 series discontinuation.  

Stratix 5800

One feature of the 5800 is the ability to increase the port counts on some models by adding expansion modules, similar to how the 8000/8300 were expanded. One important note here is that not every model is expandable. If you want the ability to use the expansion modules, you must choose one of the “modular” units to do so.  

The series features updated hardware and runs on the newer Cisco operating system, IOS-XE. Some models feature Power-over-Ethernet Plus (PoE+). Some are capable of “Advanced Features” such as Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP), Device-Level Ring (DLR), High-availability Seamless Redundancy (HSR), the ability to host IOx applications (IOx Services), and the ability to configure Cisco TrustSec global settings, policies, and interfaces.  

And, like all Stratix managed switches, integration into a Rockwell Automation control system environment is quick and easy using the free Add-on Profiles in your Studio 5000 application and faceplates for your FactoryTalk View SE/ME HMI application. You can use these tools to, for example, enable a switch port to be accessed only after logging in to your HMI screen. You can also incorporate the many diagnostics to troubleshoot and fine-tune your network performance. Using FactoryTalk Network Manager, you can also map your network and manage all your Stratix switch configurations!  

Please reach out to your local Buckles-Smith representative to discuss or enroll in our Networks 101 webinar on April 28th (9a-3p PT) to get hands-on experience configuring the Stratix managed switch family. 


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