PMA Success Story: Bob Schmidt

February 23, 2021

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Rockwell Automation shares Bob’s big PMA win

Bob Schmidt was featured nationally in the Rockwell Automation Services Connection Distribution Newsletter for his achievements with their Parts Management Agreement initiative.

Read the Customer Success Story Spotlight below:

The PMA growth initiative provides our distributors a reduced cost on our Parts Management Agreements. The program delivers on customer needs such as reduced inventory costs and part accessibility. Bob Schmidt (Services and Supply Chain Solutions Product Manager) at Buckles-Smith shared a recent win with a medical device company in his APR. 

Bob explained that the customer has been in business for a few years but focused on ramping up production to meet increased demand in the market. The Buckles-Smith team had a longtime Rockwell Automation champion within the account and said that “Selling the concept was easy. Convincing the management team was a much more challenging endeavor.” He went on to tell us that discussions around the program took place with the customer COO and CFO and explained to us that the “CFO completely understood the value of the PMA Services.” 

Bob and the Buckles-Smith team were able to leverage our PMA Growth effort to work with the customer to align costs, gain agreement and promptly receive a purchase order! Bob concluded that this sizeable PMA ‘really was our “in” with the customer. We look forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship, beyond the PMA between Buckles-Smith and the customer as a result.’ 

It’s no secret that demands on our customers and our business are higher than ever, and this a great example of how we can help them through our services team.

National recognition for Bob, the team, and our valued customers is a considerable accomplishment. A big win all around, and well deserved.

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