Optimize Maintenance with Fiix Software

April 11, 2022

Optimize Maintenance with Fiix CMMS Software

by Jon Emmert

Simplify Your Journey to Modern Asset Maintenance

You may be looking to organize assets and manage work orders or connect to business systems to make a data-driven decision. Fiix provides tools to move from reactive to preventative maintenance.

Improve asset performance 
Easily capture asset history and track parts inventory. Get insight into equipment performance and reduce downtime. AI-powered parts forecasting can help you make data-driven inventory decisions and eliminate expensive overstocking

Improve productivity 
Automatically generate maintenance work orders with a simple digital work order system and complete tasks from anywhere through a mobile app – even while offline. Keeping equipment in good operating condition for longer means doing maintenance before something breaks. You can’t do that using OEM guidelines or guesswork. Integrating CMMS software with sensors (operational data), PLCs, SCADA, and MES systems allows you to track an asset’s health in real-time, catch failure before it happens, diagnose problems, and schedule maintenance. 

Make data-driven decision 
Fiix’s real-time dashboard and reporting tools provide advanced insights into work orders, inventory, and key KPIs. CMMS software tracks everything connected to completed work orders, including parts, labor, and other expenses. It makes it easy to run a report on these costs, view current budget spending, and make educated capital expenditure decisions. This powerful software gives you informed insight to decide on production, costs, and upgrades.   

Connect to any business system 
Built on a complete open cloud platform, Fiix’s Integration Hub makes it easy to connect to any application. Running in the cloud enables flexible sizing and lowers the total cost of ownership, not to mention the ability to sync data and workflow in endless ways. Using its deep roots in operational technology needs, industry leader Rockwell Automation created Fiix by utilizing the newest technologies, making it cloud-based, easy to connect, and integrated mobility tools. It is intuitive and straightforward to operate. Fiix is maintenance-focused and concentrates on users, tasks, and work protocol.

Where do I find additional information on CMMS? 

Watch the Fiix CMMS Demo

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