Infinite Options with MagneMotion® and iTrak® Technology

January 27, 2022

Independent Cart Technology

By Ramil Quintos

Independent Cart Technology (ICT) provides a flexible solution for OEMs and End-Users to get more from their machines in today’s consumer-driven market. Rockwell Automation offers an excellent independent cart portfolio that includes their MagneMotion® and iTRAK® technologies. These technologies allow higher production rates, easy product change, optimized machine design, and manufacturing flexibility.

Specifically, the iTRAK® 5730 is a modular, scalable linear motor system that allows independent control of multiple movers on straight or curvilinear paths.

Advantages of the iTRAK® 5730 vs. a traditional conveyor system

  • Freedom of pitch allows for optimal maximized speed regardless of the size
  • The elimination of chains, belts, gearboxes, and other mechanics that can limit speed
  • Fast and consistent changeover
  • Tool-less changes; changes for pitch and spacing completed electronically
  • A mix of continuous and intermittent motion
  • Format change on the fly
  • High scalability

Profile and Dimensions

Changing consumer demands and needs have driven manufacturers to provide a wider variety of products focusing on a more personalized and customizable touch. Historically, the rigidity of older plant equipment significantly increases and complicates the number of changeovers and diversity of products needed by End-Users to sustain maximum production goals and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). This complex environment has created an excellent opportunity for manufacturers to modernize and implement Independent Cart Technology to streamline the consumer experience.

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